One of lime and one of sand: Mercadona disappoints and surprises with its decisions and new products | Life

One of lime and one of sand: Mercadona disappoints and surprises with its decisions and new products |  Life

Mercadona returns to viralize one of our classic foods of all life but also removes another of the most popular from its shelves.

Mercadona has become popular in each of the Spanish provinces, and also in Portugal, for offering regional products, but also foods that were not very common to see in our Spanish supermarkets until very recently, and of all those products that are entering and leaving the terminals there are some that set trends.

Last January 16 was World Croquette Day, and such a charismatic product from our childhood and also today could not be missing from Mercadona, which has recently launched a tray of up to 12 units of delicious chicken croquettes And best of all, it only costs 3.20 euros.

This tray of chicken croquettes from Mercadona, which can be found in all provinces, is one of the most popular foods in recent months, and nobody can resist taking a bite of these creamy and crispy chicken croquettes.

However, there are many influencers who have shown, not only what these croquettes look like so that you can buy them directly at your nearest Mercadona, but also how they are cooked.

These crispy chicken croquettes from Mercadona have ingredients such as chicken meat, wheat flour, salt, olive oil, yeast, milk, onion, tomato, chicken fat, white wine, broth, carrot, preservatives and spices.

But unfortunately there are also products that, after being popular, They leave the Mercadona shelves, at least for now.

One of the most purchased products in Mercadona is the hummus that until now was being sold in 240 g and 480 g format, the latter being especially successful because it is in a family format.

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Well, Mercadona has confirmed that its 480 g hummus is no longer available and although they still maintain the 240 g container at the same price per kilo, it seems that many of their followers have not liked the decision.

However, you just have to go through social networks like Twitter to see that many people show their dissatisfaction with the withdrawal of the large container of Mercadona hummus, so from now on they will have to buy the smaller version if they want to continue enjoying of this delicacy.