Ómicron will infect half of Europe in the next two months

Ómicron will infect half of Europe in the next two months

“A vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses” of the first vaccines “has little chance of being appropriate or feasible,” the WHO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) on the composition of vaccines against the new vaccine said in a statement. coronavirus.

For its part, the World Bank published its forecasts on Tuesday, predicting a slowdown in growth this year and warning that the situation could be aggravated by the impact of Ómicron, which is spreading rapidly, accentuating labor shortages and logistical problems.

The institution lowered its forecast for global GDP growth for 2022 by 0.2 percentage points, to 4.1% after 5.5% in 2021.

But it is possible that “the economic shocks caused by Ómicron could further reduce global growth this year, by an additional 0.2 to 0.7 percentage points”, to 3.9% or even 3.4%, according to the agency.

In addition, this Tuesday inequality in access to vaccines was again denounced, with the World Economic Forum warning that this gap could weaken the fight against other global challenges, such as climate change.

The global divergence in access to vaccines “will create tensions -within States and between States-, which could aggravate the effects of the pandemic and complicate the coordination necessary to face common challenges,” the foundation warned, with headquarters in Geneva, in the 17th annual edition of its “Global Risk Report”.