Olivia Palermo reminds us of the power of velvet and now we want to take it to all our dinners this Christmas

Olivia Palermo reminds us of the power of velvet and now we want to take it to all our dinners this Christmas

The premiere of ‘The House of Gucci“has been a worldwide phenomenon and its premieres they have left us lookazos all over the globe, from Madrid to London or Paris. And his premiere In New York was not going to be the exception: on her red carpet we met one of our it girls favorites, Olivia Palermo.

Dressed in a gorgeous green velvet suit –that we had already seen in 2018- with which he has reminded us that velvet is still synonymous with elegance and sophistication in all its formats: dresses, jackets or pants.

Olivia Palermo Green Suit

The same suit in 2018 (left) and in 2021 (right)

Especially if we carry it in dark colors like Olivia Palermo. So we have been inspired by our it girl to make a wishlist of velvet garments for the holidays and these are our favorites:

In green velvet

In honor of Olivia Palermo and her suit, the first three garments of our wishlist is it so made exclusively of green velvetand. A very good alternative to the classic green and a very elegant color for winter.

Flared sleeves dress

Velvet A-line Dress

First of all this great dress with flared sleeves and pearl details on the side of the skirt. A real wonder to wear this Christmas. 96.99 euros.

Flared sleeves dress

Flared sleeves dress

Ruched dress

Green Velvet Dress

The asymmetry continues to have a lot of pull and this dress with gathers and bows at the front leaves us with our mouths open. 44.99 euros.

Ruched dress

Sweetheart neckline dress

Velvet Neckline Dress

And for the most daring and lovers of cleavage we have this latest green Band of Stars dress with rhinestones details all over. 96.99 euros.

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Dress with cleavage

All black

If, on the other hand, you are one black lover and there is no one who will take you out of there you are in luck, because it will always be the color with the most options. These are our favorites:

Velvet dress with tulle

Velvet Tulle Bershka Dress

This Bershka dress is having a spectacular pull in networks (especially in the TikTok hauls) and with good reason: a sexy, strong and ideal dress to wear this end of the year. 25.99 euros.

Tulle velvet dress

Corset Top

Velvet Corset Top

This corset-style top with some pants palazzo or velvet bell (and even a blazer if we want the complete combination) will create a total look from movie. 12.99 euros.

Corset Top

Bell pants

Velvet Pants 1

To combine with the previous top we have these black velvet bell bottom pants, which complete the look and they look great with heels or platforms. 38.99 euros.

Black velvet pants

Black velvet pants

Velvet blazer

Velvet Blazer 1

And to top it all look velvet or simply to wear it loose we have this loose fit black velvet blazer. 72.99 euros.

Velvet blazer

Velvet jumpsuit

Velvet Jumpsuit 1

Finally, for those who seek practicality and prefer to wear a jumpsuit to forget about having to combine, this Closet London model is ideal. 117.99 euros.

Velvet jumpsuit

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