With Black widow finally in theaters and available on Disney + with premium access, actress Olga Kurylenko talks about what it was like to play her character

Comicbookmovie was able to interview actress Olga Kurylenko (Oblivion, Quantum Solace) to talk about her signing for Black widow and how he prepared for the movie. (Spoilers notice)

Olga Kurylenko plays Antonia Dreykov / Taskmaster in Black Widow, the proverbial red in Natasha Romanoff’s (Scarlett Johansson) ledger. The actress among other things has revealed how she prepared for the role:

“That one, I explored it more and made it up for myself, for myself and of course I talked to, Cate and I talked about it, Cate the director, and we were both on the same note, agreeing that I had to show her that part human and that pain, is someone who is struggling between what she is made to be and what she would have liked to be if she had the chance.

The lack of freedom, the manipulation, the lack of choice, the physical and psychological trauma that she suffered, more than one throughout her past and her childhood and that was also something important for this Taskmaster because here we were going to see beyond from the facade, beyond the cold-blooded murderer who apparently has no feelings and I think he is a very complex character behind that is very confusing, which could be explored in many different ways ”.

Among other things, the actress was also asked if she would like Taskmaster to cross the path of the wall-crawler she has encountered on occasion in the comics:

“My son would be delighted to see that, I mean he would love it, it’s like, not too long ago, a couple days ago, he was running around in a Spider-Man costume and he still likes it. He loved it, obviously now he’s seen some parts of the movie and he loves it. It’s great about Taskmaster, she can replicate other people’s movements and she, for them, is like fighting with a mirror and it’s really cool. She can be anything, she can be anyone, she just takes it from others and copies them, so it’s a pretty good skill. How do you get over it? “

You can see the full video below: