Old accessories would be compatible with the PS5

Old accessories would be compatible with the PS5

Thanks to emulation, it is now possible to enjoy PS1, PS2 and PS3 games on your PS5 through a subscription to PlayStation Plus. However, the work that has been done with the PS3 has disappointed more than one, since these titles can only be enjoyed through the cloud. Fortunately, a new patent seems to indicate that this would change in the future.

Recently, a patent by PlayStation regarding the emulation of PS Plus was found on the internet. The interesting thing about this document is that some old accessories of the company, such as a memory card and even a portable console, they would be emulated on the PS5.


The patent shows images that make references to a DualShock, a Sony Media Remote, what appears to be a PlayStation Mouse, an EyeToy, a PlayStation Move wand, and a memory card. What makes this information even more interesting, is that the peripherals seem to be mainly from the PS3 era.

Considering that all of these products are no longer in production, and quite difficult to find nowadays, emulation of these gadgets sounds like a very possible path. However, and as always happens in these cases, a patent is not a guarantee that this information is a reality. PlayStation might as well just be protecting its intellectual property.

On related topics, these are the PS Plus games for July. Similarly, Resident Evil 2 and more classic games would come to this service in the future.


Editor’s note:

Rather than adding new ways to play and more titles, PlayStation should focus on ditching the cloud for PS3 emulation, and providing these experiences for all markets. There are hundreds of worthwhile titles that are not available to us.

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