Would you buy an electric scooter knowing that most of the trips are made without company in your car?  Here is the solution offered by Ola Electric.           </p><div>

The mobility market is seeing how the development of fully electric products does not stop growing. It all started with the development of proposals in the 4-wheel segment, but the truth is that mopeds and scooter-type motorcycles, are the means of transport that are contributing the most to ecological transformation. This is your main competitive advantage.

In the heat of the considered increase in demand, more and more manufacturers are developing their own proposals. So much so that, hardly, the offer is being covered to be able to supply in time and term, consumer demands. Therefore, companies based in countries such as China or India, are agreeing to the export of their electrical products.

During the first day of reservations there have been a total of 100,000 orders

In this sense, today we want to show you one of the latest proposals launched on the market. It’s about a scooter specially designed to move around the city without polluting emissions. Even so, it should be noted that it is not yet being marketed for this purpose, but the deadline has been opened to formulate your own reservation for one of the first units to be produced.

Ola, which is how the company is called, has managed to establish a brand of more than 100,000 orders in the first 24 hours, something that only companies such as Tesla had been able to achieve. Why does such a product seem to have been so successful? Without a doubt, the combination of price and quality has said a lot about it.

Let’s see, therefore, what this solution offers to move around the city, what are its main characteristics to take into account and, above all, why we are faced with a dynamic increasingly linked to this type of media Of transport. And you, would you buy this option if the vast majority of your movements by car were done without other passengers?

Ola Electric, a company that already has a tradition in the sector

The first thing that should be noted is that we are facing a very competitive proposal in the framework of electrical solutions. However, it must be specified that to materialize an order you only have to contribute the payment of only 6 dollars, which, in addition, are refundable. Even so, are we facing a proposal that may be worthwhile or is it another alternative to find?

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We are facing a product of which up to 2 million units are expected to be produced in the medium term. In fact, the optimistic scenario in which we are working shows that a manufacture of up to 10 million electric scooters in calendar year. How is it possible to achieve such figures? Offering a product with qualities at a good price is the only way.

In this sense, its main hallmark is directly related to its performance at a dynamic level. His maximum speed is limited to about 100 km / h, so it offers freedom to be able to carry out, sporadically, driving beyond the urban term. This is its great spearhead, since the vast majority of competitors do not offer the same.

In addition, autonomy has become another of its differential qualities. As can be read in the specialized portal ElectrekWe are faced with an electric scooter that can extend its autonomy to a more than acceptable 150 theoretical kilometers. In this sense, Ola shows be a benchmark in terms of efficiency it means.

A differential proposal that anticipates more innovative models

Taking a quick look at the most prominent models on the current market, it seems clear to see how there is a trend to develop more efficient electrical proposals, with greater autonomy and, above all, with more remarkable reliability rates. Will these advances continue to occur at the same rate in the future or will development be more limited in the coming years?

Ola is a scooter that is designed, above all, for driving around the city. Electrek

Certainly, the presence of options designed for the city with autonomies close to 150 kilometers makes us believe that we are facing alternatives with great potential of use for the majority of the population. It seems clear, therefore, that the lack of loading stations is the main weakness behind the development of electric motorcycles for private use.

We will still have to wait a while to see if the model developed by Ola Electric can mark a before and after in the sector or if, on the contrary, we are faced with an option that must incorporate solutions for catch up against the competition. And you, would you buy a proposal of these characteristics or do you think that it is still early for the standardization of the electric scooter?