A new promotional video for the Marvel’s Avengers video game expansion shows us Dora Milaje telling us the intrigues Black Panther must face

Square Enix has already announced that the expansion Black Panther: War for Wakanda Marvel’s Avengers will arrive on August 17 as a free update for all players who own the main game. In addition to the addition of Black Panther, the third new superhero, the expansion War for Wakanda includes two new villains, a new environment to explore, new enemies, the Birnin Zana outpost as well as new deployment zone missions.

The story of the free expansion War for Wakanda revolves around King T’Challa, Black Panther, a devoted protector and current ruler of Wakanda. In the wake of a betrayal and its tragic outcome, T’Challa finds it difficult to entrust his duty to anyone else, not even his sister Shuri, as he faces those who wish to harm Wakanda. When the forces of arch-villain Klaw threaten the security of Wakanda, T’Challa must confront them to defend all that is dear to him.

About Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers offers players a rich experience and combines the single-player mode focused on the Reunite campaign with the continuous warzone missions of the Avengers Initiative, which take the Avengers across the world and beyond. Each mission in the Gather Together campaign is designed to showcase the unique abilities of one or more heroes, while the Avengers Initiative missions can be played individually with your AI group or with up to four players ** like any hero on the roster. of the player.

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Marvel’s Avengers narrative continues to unfold with the addition of new stories featuring new heroes, villains, mission types, regions, items, and more at no additional cost to players owning the main game, such as Kate Bishop’s A-for-IMA ops. and Future Imperfect of Hawkeye. These stories will continue the narrative world of Marvel’s Avengers and new missions will be accessible with the full roster of playable heroes.

Right now, Marvel’s Avengers is available at PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Stadia, and is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB.