Official PS5 covers drop in price by more than 20 euros

Official PS5 covers drop in price by more than 20 euros

You can now buy the PS5 cover for less than 40 euros. What a bargain!

Playstation 5 It can now be customized with the official colored covers that Sony has launched, to match the new controllers. They’ll be avalaible from January 21 in stores, but you can now reserve your favorite model and cheaper. At Mediamarkt there is an incredible offer with which you can save more than 20 euros on your purchase because the official PS5 covers are priced at only 37.99 euros. This cover is perfect to protect and customize your console with a brighter color. Do not miss it!

The colored covers They have an official price of 59.99 euros, but today is your lucky day. Mediamarkt has an important 30 percent discount in the black and red cases, so you can save 22 euros on your purchase. Right now they have a price of 37.99 euros and you can give him a different touch to your console. In addition, the store offers a form of installment financing to pay for the product more easily.

Buy the official PS5 covers more than 20 euros cheaper

All the colors that will be released from the PS5 covers.

It’s the first time that Sony releases official covers for your main console. As you can see in the image above, many different models will be launched. On January 21, the first covers in 2 colors. On one side you have the Midnight Black PS5 cover which is totally black and the Comic Red which is closer to maroon. They fit perfectly to the console, but make sure it is compatible with your version of PS5. Digital PS5s (without a disc drive) have their own sleeves that are also discounted at this price.

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Now that you know everything you need, you can buy the cover at Mediamarkt for 37.99 euros and you save 22 euros compared to its launch price. So you can customize your console with colors different. We remind you that all these covers have a matching controller with the same color, in case you want to have the complete set.

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