Offers on Office licenses at GoDeal24, they give you Windows 11 as a gift

Offers on Office licenses at GoDeal24, they give you Windows 11 as a gift

We are in the middle of winter and GoDeal24 have launched a powerful promotion to save a lot of money when buying Microsoft licenses. in these GoDeal24 winter deals We are going to have the opportunity to pay for an Office license at a very low price, but they also give us a Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro license, so we will save a lot of money by having this “pack”. Do you want to know all the offers we have today?

Buy Office and get Windows 11 for free

Today and throughout this week, we have a great offer at GoDeal24. This offer consists of buying a license for any version of Microsoft Office, and they give you a license for Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro, the version you want within the available packs.

If you want to buy the version of Office 2021 with all the security updates and improvements, you can buy these two versions and they give you either Windows 11 Pro or the Windows 10 Pro version, so you will have a great offer:

If you want to buy the version of Office 2019 or the version of Office 2016 and you want to receive a Windows 11 Pro license, these are the licenses that you must buy:

If you do not want to have a free Windows 11 Pro license, and you want to have the Windows 10 Pro version, then you must purchase these licenses that we have available:

As you have seen, we can buy a pack of Office and Windows licenses at a really competitive price.

Windows licenses at half price

If you want to take advantage of the GoDeal24 sales, then you can buy as many Windows 10 and Windows 11 licenses as you want, be it the Home or Pro versions. In this case, it is absolutely necessary that you apply the ZT50 discount coupon to obtain prices with a 50% discount on their normal price. Next, you have all the links with the final price at which you can buy each license:

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As you have seen, we can buy Windows 11 for just €15, a very interesting price, although you will always be able to buy the version of Windows 10 and then upgrade to Windows 11 for free, in this way, you will save some money.

Office licenses with 62% discount

If you want to buy other Office 2021 licenses, such as a pack of 5 licenses, your MacOS-oriented Office and even other related software such as Project or Visio in different versions, then you have all the offers. To obtain the best price it is necessary to apply the discount coupon ZT62.

Other computer software

If you want to buy other software for your computer, here are several very interesting software:

We remind you that at GoDeal24 you can pay with a debit or credit card and also with PayPal for greater security. If you have any problems before buying or after buying the license, you can send an email to where you can find official support. You must bear in mind that all Windows and Office licenses are of the OEM type, for this reason they are so cheap compared to the licenses from the official Microsoft website or others.

At GoDeal24 you will be able to buy these licenses very quickly, and they will send them to you by email almost instantly, in addition, they will send you the necessary instructions to correctly activate your operating system, Office and other software.