A recent massive leak of Nvidia Geforce Now database has uncovered dozens of unannounced PC games from Microsoft, Sony or Square Enix, among many others. For example, God of War and Returnal, exclusive to PlayStation consoles, were listed in the database. The uproar has been so great that the company itself has had to come out to explain it.

In an official Nvidia response to WCCFtech, the company assumes the filtration, but regarding the veracity of the mentioned titles, it comments that there are “Speculative titles” used as test names. In this way he throws balls out on the existence of unannounced games like four unannounced projects of Xbox Game Stduios, which would also have been confirmed by other sources, according to Windows Central.

«Nvidia is aware of an unauthorized published game list, with released and / or speculative titles, which is used only for internal monitoring and testing. Inclusion in the list It is not a confirmation or announcement of any game«, Assures a spokesman. “Nvidia took immediate action to remove access to the list. No personal information or compilations of confidential games were exposed.

None of the companies affected by the leak have commented on what happened, so we just have to wait and time will tell if the Nvidia Geforce Now database had more truthful information than “speculative titles,” as the official version of the matter says. Another of the leaked titles of great interest has been Final Fantasy IX Remake by Square Enix, along with dozens of titles from companies such as Nintendo, EA, 2K or Warner Bros. Games, in addition to the aforementioned Microsoft, Sony and Square Enix.