Now you will know when someone mentions or responds to you directly in a WhatsApp group simply by looking at the notification that comes into your phone.

In addition to receiving individual chat notifications from our contacts on WhatsApp, they also mention us or respond to us directly in a group, something that is not very clear when receiving these notifications on the mobile.

Until now, when you receive a notification from WhatsApp through iOS or Android, we had to find out exactly if it was a normal message, a reply or a mention.

Well, as it advances wabetainfo, the latest beta version for iOS is much clearer about the type of notifications that we are going to receive on our iPhone, a feature that would also come to Android.

Once this feature is in the stable version, when we receive a mention or a direct response to one of the messages in some group chats that we are in, The notification that enters us on the phone will be made clear to us.

In this way, if someone for example mentions us in a group chat to which we belong, in the notification that enters our mobile it will clearly state that it is a response or a mention.

It should be clarified that this is a feature only aimed at group chats, and that it seems that we will not see in individual chats. In any case, in individual chats the type of message notifications we receive is much clearer.

Be that as it may, once this feature is available on iOS, and presumably also on Android, it will be clearer whether or not to consult that message that has come to us from a WhatsApp group.

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