Lycamobile last summer brought the first daily rates, with more gigs in total, although less flexible to consume; and it did so with a triple offer that is now simplified to two modalities, after the merging the cheapest rate with the conditions of the intermediate rate rate.

With this improvement, the MVNO of the MásMóvil Group, which still maintains Movistar coverage, offers with daily rates close to triple gigs in total than with monthly rates, although the data is limited to a maximum daily consumption.

5 euros less for the same gigs

Lycamobile has improved its rate with 50 minutes and 500 MB per day for a rate with unlimited minutes and 1 GB per day, keeping the same quota of 10 euros per month. Or what is the same, it has lowered five euros what the rate with 1 GB per day cost until now.

Thanks to this improvement, Lycamobile manages to offer close to three times as many gigs as a monthly rate (they are not actually monthly, but the validity is 28 days). Now, with the daily rate you can accumulate for four weeks up to 28 GB, while the monthly rate offers 10 GB and has the minutes limited to 400.

It is striking that the other remaining daily rate remains intact. That of 2 GB per day for 20 euros, which adds a total of 56 GB, has fewer advantages compared to the rate with 35 GB per month.

Lycamobile’s complete offer of prepaid card rates effective as of October 2021, is as detailed in the following image:

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New Lycamobile Prepaid Card Rates In October 2021

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