Plant vs Undead is a very popular crypto game perhaps because you can start playing with a very low investment. Likewise, the potential of this game to win money is undoubted, although it has a problem and that is that it can only be played on a computer. Some people want to play Plant vs Undead on their Android phones, but is it possible?

Previously we have taught you everything you need to know to start playing Plant vs Undead. However, today we will show you how you can play Plant vs Undead on Android and thus generate PVU from your smartphone.

How to play Plant vs Undead on Android?

If you already play Plant vs Undead, you may know that there is a way to download the beta version of the game on your computer or Android mobile, but it only lets you play with fake money. However, there is another way to play Plan vs Undead on your mobile and use your real PVUs without problem.

Now it can? Discover how to play Plant vs Undead on Android

1. Download a browser compatible with MetaMask on your Android mobile

In order to play Plant vs Undead on Android, you will have to install a web browser on your mobile that is compatible with MetaMask.

Some of the browsers that you can download to play Plant vs Undead on your mobile are Kiwi Browser or Yandex, both browsers will work for you because they are compatible with MetaMask.

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Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet
Kiwi Browser - Fast & Quiet
Yandex Browser with Protect
Yandex Browser with Protect

2. Install the MetaMask extension in the web browser you downloaded earlier

When you already have Kiwi Browser or Yandex installed on your Android mobile, you have to install the MetaMask extension. You should bear in mind that you may have to change the browser you chose to download MetaMask to its “Desktop Mode”, this is so that you can add an extension to the browser.

3. Entra a Plant vs Undead desde Yandex o Kiwi Browser

If you installed and logged into MetaMask with Yandex or Kiwi Browser, you can now enter Plant vs Undead from those browsers, log in, and start playing.

If you follow these steps you will be able to play Plant vs Undead from your Android mobile browser. It is also important that you remember that this game does not have an Android app in which you can use your real PVUs and you should not confuse Plant vs Undead with a game called Undead vs. Plant which is on Google Play.

The popularity of crypto games like Plant vs Undead, Axie Infinity or CryptoBlades continues to increase because they allow you to make money, but would you play them?