On paper you will not have any difficulty running almost all of the applications that can be used on your Android 11 operating system (which comes with EMUI 12). The processor is a Snapdragon 778G, the most powerful that works at a maximum frequency of 2.4 GHz and is accompanied by an Adreno 641L GPU. To this must be added that the RAM memory that you will find in this device reaches the 8 GB, a quite remarkable figure and that ensures that you will not have to worry about anything at all for this section.

Something that we think is important to mention is that this device you do not have access to Google services, which can be a handicap for some who do not want to worry about looking for applications that are capable of replacing developments such as Chrome or Gmail. It is true that the lack of the aforementioned does not impact the operation of the device, but it is also true that there are some developments that require access to everything that the Mountain View company offers in order to function (even, this is the case in some apps that we regularly use in the tests we carry out).

He does not lack the Huawei’s own app store, which has more and more content – and of higher quality – and there is always the option of using APK files to install applications that would otherwise be impossible to get. The fact is that all this should be taken into account when evaluating the Huawei nova 9.

Performance to match

The user experience we have obtained is quite good, since we have barely detected any lag regardless of the application you want to use. Here it should be noted that the user interface does not become a problem when consuming many system resources. The fact is that the operation has seemed quite good and it has a feeling of fluidity of the most acceptable. By the way, comparatively speaking the Huawei nova 9 is in a fairly good position among all the models that use the Snapdragon processor that is inside.

Next, we leave several examples of the work capacity that you will find in this phone when subjecting it to intensive use, either at a low level, squeezing the hardware that is inside to the maximum:

We also want to emphasize that we have found the storage that you are going to find on the device to be really good (which can be 128 or 256 GB). The truth is that the reading and writing speed is very high, which is due to the fact that the components used are type UFS. Especially noteworthy is everything that has to do with accessing data that is stored, which allows to increase the speed of work in a generalized way. One detail here that should be taken into account is that you will not be able to use microSD cards to increase the available space.

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No problem with games

In the tests that we carry out when executing all kinds of games, it must be said that in general a fairly high satisfaction is obtained. With developments that they are not very demanding, as for example Clash Royale, the operation has seemed to us practically perfect. Since everything works like silk and, in addition, the temperature control is fantastic. Therefore, having fun is a possibility more than possible with this Huawei nova 9.

In the case of using developments that use graphics in three dimensionsThe results, without being dramatic, do drop a lot in performance. It is true that the Adreno 642L does not work at all badly, but it does not have the necessary muscles to consider this phone as an important option in the gaming section. Does this mean that it is impossible to play? Not much less. However, in certain cases if you want to use a high quality in the images you may suffer some delays… And besides, heat doesn’t have as good a control.

Speed ​​and precision

Here we want to talk about some options that are important to consider when buying a smartphone. An example is the reliability and solvency of the fingerprint reader (in this case it is optical and is integrated under the screen). Its operation has seemed excellent, since it is fast and accurate, and we have not had any difficulty using it when it was drizzling or if your hands are wet. Besides, it must also be said that it does include a chip NFC that will allow you to make mobile payments -using for this the application of the bank you use-.

Side of the Huawei nova 9

The rest of the wireless functions we have verified that they will not give you the slightest problem. On the one hand, Bluetooth is perfectly synchronized with all kinds of accessories such as wireless headphones or car radio (in addition, this is achieved at a very remarkable speed). Besides, the adapter Wifi that comes with the Huawei nova 9 is type six, which ensures you fantastic access to any network while always maintaining a stability very high when transferring information … and this has been noticed in a positive way both when viewing content in the cloud and when playing games.

Rear of the Huawei nova 9 in black

Mobile Opinion

The truth is that this phone has seemed to us the most interesting Always taking into account that it belongs to the mid-range of the product, where it is for some sections, such as not offering hardly any lag or having excellent wireless connectivity. It does not have any problem with the applications of habitual use, so you will find a very good terminal if you decide to buy this Huawei nova 9. Of course, the operation with the games does not accompany at all without being disastrous.