Home Gaming Nora Fawn cosplay of Black Cat, Spider-Man’s love interest

Nora Fawn cosplay of Black Cat, Spider-Man’s love interest

Nora Fawn cosplay of Black Cat, Spider-Man’s love interest

A few weeks have passed since the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home but the spider-man is still in our heads, and to prove it the beautiful Nora fawn presented a cosplay of Black cat. Although we haven’t seen Felicia Hardy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, fans are looking forward to seeing her in the future and Nora gives us an idea of ​​what a Live-Action version of Black Cat might look like.

Watch out Spider-Man …”Is all that the publication of Nora fawn (@norafawn) on his Twitter account where he shared the black cat cosplay. On previous occasions the cosplayer has shown us costumes with latex suits, like Raven from the Teen Titans, but rarely had she looked as good as with Black Cat.

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The Black Cat cosplay by Nora Fawn It is based on the suit we see in Marvel comics today, which is not too far removed from its original version as we saw it in Amazing Spider-Man # 194, where we first saw it in 1979. More than four decades later, Black Cat remains one of the most popular characters in Spider-man.

Although we already saw Felicia Hardy in live action In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Felicity Jones did not have the opportunity to wear the villain’s costume, as the third part of the story was canceled. However, with the return of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in No Way Home, fans are asking him to Sony let him do The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and continue his story.

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If you like cosplay of Nora fawn I invite you to visit his social networks, although this is his first cosplay inspired by Spider-Man. Among the other works of Nora Fawn you can find many characters from anime and manga, as in her cosplays of the Chainsaw Man girls.