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Nobody Saves the World already has a release date on PS and Switch

Nobody Saves the World already has a release date on PS and Switch

Among the big AAA game releases of January 2022, Nobody Saves the World has proven to be an indie gem worthy of attention. Since its release on PC and Xbox, the game has garnered critical acclaim. However, it seems that the developer DrinkBox Studios does not want to stop there, as it is preparing the release of Nobody Saves the World in PlayStation and switch.

Nobody Saves the World is a sprawling action RPG played from a top-down perspective. In the game, players control a blank character named Nobody, who has a magic wand that allows him to transform into a total of 18 different forms, from a turtle and a bodybuilder, to a necromancer and an egg, literally. The game also allows players to mix skills in different ways to create powerful and clever combos.

As DrinkBox announced on Twitter, Nobody Saves the World will come to PS4, PS5 and switch April 14th. In the US, the game will retail for $24.99. For a limited time, Switch owners will be able to get a 10% discount if they choose to pre-order the game. On the other hand, users of PlayStation they will get both versions of the game for a single price.

Alongside these console updates, Nobody Saves the World will also receive an update on all platforms that adds local co-op to the experience. The game originally only supported online co-op when it was released on PC and Xbox. This time, DrinkBox is making sure that gamers can enjoy multiplayer from the comfort of their couch. version of switch it’s even designed to be played in tabletop mode, with each player controlling a single Joy-Con.

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Like most dungeon crawlers, Nobody Saves the World also cleverly encourages cooperative mayhem, and playing with a friend simply means doubling the potential to unleash even more incredible combo moves. Move synergy between co-op partners has always been one of the biggest selling points of dungeon crawlers, and it’s clear that Nobody Saves the World deserves the same treatment.