No way home was going to introduce a new superhero

No way home was going to introduce a new superhero

Originally Spider-man: No way home I was going to introduce one of the protagonists of Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness (Attention spoilers)

A new concept art has been leaked from Spider-Man: No way Home shows that the film originally featured America Chavez in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but will eventually debut in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.

Due to the COVID-19 pendemic, Marvel Studios has been forced to repeatedly make moves on its list of MCU Phase 4 premieres. This has led to a change in the links between various projects, such as Spider-Man: No Way home Y Doctor Strange 2. The delays meant that Benedict Cumberbatch appeared as the master of the mystical arts before doing so in his multiverse-driven solo sequel rather than after.

The link between Spider-Man: No way home Y Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness will be better explored in the Strange sequel. Audiences saw Wong (Benedict Wong) appear briefly and confirm his status as Sorcerer Supreme, while the post-credits scenes for No way home featured the trailer for Doctor Strange 2. This gave viewers an idea of ​​the sequel’s plot. Strange, which will see the return of the Scarlet Witch by Elizabeth Olsen and will be introduced to America Chavez (Xochitl gomez) in the UCM.

A new concept art shows America Chavez with Peter and his friends

Now what Spider-Man: No way Home has been released in theaters, the artists who have worked on the film have begun to share their concept art on social media. This includes an artist piece Maciej kuciara (Ghost in the Shell), who deleted the original tweet containing the surprising illustration. This concept art reveals America Chavez was originally in the film. She appeared in a scene between Peter Parker, MJ, Ned and other classmates on a bumper car track. Art does not present Xóchitl Gómez as América Chávez, since Isabela Moner is the actress that the artist has used to represent her. You can see the concept art below:

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America Chavez finally did not appear in Spider-Man: No way Home, but it could have been a natural fit due to its connections to the multiverse. It has the ability to make its way to other universes with stargates. The illustration is likely to be from a version of the film prior to the Phase 4 premiere reorganization. America Chavez is said to have already made his debut in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, so its appearance would be more understandable. She is even shown using a book, which could be the same book that became Doctor Strange’s box.

Although América Chávez and Spider-Man did not meet in Spider-Man: No way HomeIt will not be surprising if the two characters get to interact at some point since they are both teenage superheroes who could be part of the Young Avengers. If Marvel Studios really wants America Chavez and Spider-Man to reunite, it could happen if Tom Holland made an appearance on Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness.