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No Way Home ‘, out of the BAFTA 2022 awards because of Sony

No Way Home ‘, out of the BAFTA 2022 awards because of Sony

Spider-Man: No Way Home It was, for many, the best superhero movie of 2021. Despite the fact that these types of feature films often have a difficult time breaking through the big awards, no production can never be ruled out. In the case of No way home, fans want to push her to star in awards season. But nevertheless, at Sony Pictures have had an oversight that has left them out of an important event.

We talk about the awards BAFTA, awarded by the British Academy of Motion Picture and Television Arts. While the European gala does not have the Golden Globes, Emmys or Oscars exposure, they are also important for the industry.

For its release date, Spider-Man: No Way Home had the opportunity to aspire to the nominations of the BAFTA 2022. However, it is already a fact that the British award will not consider you eligible in any category. Why? Inexplicably, it was all Sony’s fault.

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From Deadline point out that the aforementioned producer did not come up on time Spider-Man: No Way Home to the BAFTA streaming platform. It is in this where the members of the jury can see the productions and, if they consider it, nominate them in later months. Apparently, it was not intentional, but a error that was paid dearly. Before being criticized for the issue, the organization shared a statement to convey that its rules are very clear:

Spider-Man: No Way Home You did not meet the eligibility criteria for BAFTA 2022 and therefore did not qualify to participate. As outlined in our rulebook, all movies must be available to voting members on BAFA View prior to the close of round one voting to ensure clarity and parity for all titles, and the distributor did not put the film in hand.

It is worth mentioning that round one of voting ended on January 3. Until then, according to Deadline, the BAFTA platform I only had a trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Regardless, the feature film still has the option to sneak into the Oscar nominations. It is very difficult for it to rise to acting awards or “Best Picture”, but it certainly can qualify for “Best Special Effects.”

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