We start by cleaning the chanterelles well, if we have not already done this task. We can use the traditional mushroom brush, kitchen paper or damp cloth, or use water as explained here. It is important remove all traces of earth, sand, leaves or other foreign elements, and dry very well afterwards.

Chop the largest mushrooms to leave the specimens with similar sizes, and book. Obviously, if worms appear, discard the affected specimens. Peel the onion, chop it very finely, and peel and chop the garlic as well.

Heat a light background of oil in a good iron pan and add the onion. Lower the heat and let it begin to show through. Add the garlic and fry with a little salt a few more minutes. Once the onion is very tender, add the chanterelles, raise the heat and stir. Add thyme or rosemary to taste, the optional pine nuts, and sauté the whole for a couple of minutes.

Water with the Pedro Ximénez in such a way that the entire bottom of the pan is covered but the mushrooms do not sink. Add a little more if necessary. Lower the heat and let it reduce for a few more minutes, until there is a honeyed texture in the background. Season with salt and herbs and serve.