Nintendo talks about the effects after ceasing to operate in Russia

Nintendo talks about the effects after ceasing to operate in Russia

A few months ago a tragic event occurred between Ukraine Y Russia, as the latter country decided to carry out an invasion operation without a prior declaration. This led many companies to decide to withdraw their services from the region, among them was Nintendowho now has something to say about this business decision.

During a question and answer session of the 82nd Nintendo Annual General Meeting of Stockholdersan attendee asked Shuntaro Furukawa Y Shibata Shatoru what they thought about the possibility of doing more business in Russia. Both refrained from commenting on anything specific, but did say that the effect on their losses was “negligible.”

Here the direct answers translated by the medium nintendo life:

Interviewer: It seems that you have stopped business in Russia due to the situation in Ukraine, but what are your thoughts on future business in the region? Also, what is the business situation in the European region?

Shuntaro Furukawa: Since the payment provider for Nintendo eShop in Russia suspended transactions, the Russian store has been in maintenance mode since March 4. In addition, due to the suspension of operations and logistical difficulties, we will not be shipping any products, including physical products, at this time. We will not discuss the specific amount of the impact, but this issue has a negligible effect on our overall financial results, as sales in Russia are only a small part of the total sales of the Nintendo group.

Satoru Shibata: Regarding business in the Russia region, we are seriously thinking about how to handle this in the future, in light of changing world affairs. In Europe, as in other regions, sales of the Nintendo Switch remain stable, even entering its sixth year, and consumer interest is high. Although there are changes in the environment such as the situation in Ukraine and global inflation, these factors have not greatly affected the progress of the Nintendo Switch business in Europe.

It is worth noting, that Nintendo made the decision to delay Advance Wars 1+2: Reboot Camp due to global issues and it is likely that it will not be released until the end of the dispute between the two countries. As already mentioned, this is one of the many companies that stopped supporting Russiathis also included at the time the giant Manzana.

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Via: nintendo life