The presentation of the Nintendo Switch OLED version It fell like a jug of cold water to many video game enthusiasts. Why did this happen? By expectation that was generated in all media about a possible Pro version of the Nintendo switch. This expectation continues to be generated by rumors that ensure that Nintendo «could be»Still working on a new, more powerful version of the console, but from Japan they already inform us that. Nintendo is not working on a new Switch.

The official account of NintendoCoLtd on Twitter recently announced that the Nintendo Switch OLED version will be the closest thing to a version «Pro»That we will have in a near future. The tweet says that «In addition we also want to clarify that we have just announced that Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) will be launched in October 2021, and we have no plans to launch any other model at this time.«. In a tweet prior to that, they also clarify that the profit margin of Nintendo Switch OLED will not increase, as the rumors claimed, and that they just want to clarify for its investors and consumers.

Nintendo Switch OLED is causing a big commotion in the world of videogames, and according to a new report by The Japan Times, Sony will closely study the impact of the console in today’s market. According to the report, the Nintendo Switch OLED could set a precedent to sell consoles at a higher price with hardware that has been on the market for a long time.

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Soon we will be able to play with the new version of the console. Nintendo Switch Model OLED will go on sale on October 8th, and although it has improvements on its screen, on its dock and in other sections, the console will continue to use the same Joy-Con, which has activated the alarms of the players due to the dangerous «drift” what largely affects current versions of the Nintendo Switch controllers. Stay tuned for more!

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