Nintendo plans to crack down on cheaters in its video games

Nintendo plans to crack down on cheaters in its video games

Nintendo is one of the most present companies in the video game industry, and over the last decades it has amazed us all with endless possibilities, of which we can mention that its players could be safe while They enjoy their games.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that many online games are plagued by cheats that make life impossible for players who are just looking to have fun. Nintendo is not saved from this situation, as several Switch titles have also been affected by this situation.

The good news is that, apparently, the company is already working on something new to prevent cheaters from doing their thing in upcoming major releases, such as Splatoon 3. We tell you this because of a patent where it registered a new anti-cheat system. Nintendo filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to file new technology to help combat cheaters and strengthen its anti-cheat measures.

The company mentions in the document that cheating is becoming more common in multiplayer online games, as certain users modify the software to gain an advantage in some way. As you can imagine, Nintendo is not happy about this, so it will use code reuse technology to detect and know for sure when someone modifies software and uses it to play games.

This will allow you to have greater control and remotely detect any strange movement. This will also be a step forward in terms of anti-piracy, as the company will be able to more easily detect if Switch users are using pirated copies of video games as if they were legitimate or as cheating tools.

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The main problem is that the Switch suffered from a vulnerability in its first years of life, which triggered the software modification. Nintendo has constantly combated this and everything indicates that it will soon strengthen its measures. It is hoped that this new tool will stop cheaters and prevent hackers from doing their thing.

It is worth remembering that this is a patent, so for now it is not known when the technology will begin to be used. There is even the possibility that the project will remain on paper and not become a reality in the coming years.