Nine good processed foods that cannot be missing from your shopping list this year

Nine good processed foods that cannot be missing from your shopping list this year

A product is processed when it receives an industrial treatment during which the original nature of the food is changed as defined by PAHO and WHO. Thus, unlike the ultra-processed, we can find healthy alternatives to add to the diet. we show you nine good processed foods that cannot be missing from your shopping list this year.

To solve a meal easily but never losing sight of health, we can go to one of the following processed whose nature, although it has been altered, continues to be of good quality and beneficial for the organism.

Frozen vegetables

They only receive an industrial process during which the vegetables they are cut and frozen, being ready to be preserved for a long time and used when they are needed before defrosting.

Frozen vegetables like peas, carrots, green beans, or broccoli they may have even more nutrients than their fresh, refrigerated version in the supermarket or at home for more than five days prior to consumption, so they are a good option to consume vegetables in a simple way and overcoming seasonality.

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With these processed foods that can have many good nutrients for the body such as fiber, vitamin C, potassium and others, depending on the food, we can make pumpkin soup with chickpeas and peas, rice and lentil salad with shrimp, spinach omelette and many other preparations such as stir fry, stews, soups or salads.

Fresh cheese

fresh cheese

Fresh cheese is not cured but it is salt is added (except fresh cheese without salt) and therefore, it is a process that has good nutritional quality, since unlike other cheeses, it is low in fat and calories, it has a high water content and the best: it satisfies due to its high protein content.

For these reasons, the fresh cheese It is a good process that we can include in our diet, especially when losing weight, taking care of the health of the body.

Some preparations that we can make with fresh cheese are salads, fresh and light desserts, sauces and even healthy and nutritious ice cream.

dehydrated algae

dehydrated seaweed

The dehydration of the algae is what converts these ingredients into processed products. However, all we have to do to consume them is hydrate them and they do not have additives that harm their nutritional quality.

On the contrary, dehydrated seaweed can easily turn into powder if we crush it and because contain many nutrients, they can enrich a variety of dishes such as salads with sesame or tuna, rice with octopus, smoothies, soups, breads and many other dishes.

Frozen fish and seafood


To easily have fish and shellfish at home, even when it is not the best season for consumption of a particular species, we can go to the frozen options they don’t get any more processing than that.

They thaw in minutes and offer quality protein, iron (especially seafood), as well as healthy fats if we opt for frozen blue fish.

with these ingredients we can get fresh fish quickly and prepare a variety of dishes such as cod in tomato sauce, leek and carrot, tuna in green sauce with prawns, little glasses with prawns or various salads.

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natural yogurt


Yogurt is processed because it receives a treatment during which the milk ferments and in most cases, is pasteurized.

Not all yogurts are good alternatives, but some can hide a lot of sugar inside, but natural yogurt is the one that It does not contain added sweeteners and is a good source of protein, calcium, vitamin D and, to a lesser extent, fat..

Also, with plain yogurt we can prepare many healthy dishes such as desserts, sauces, salads, among others.

packaged salads


Green leaves, mix of fresh vegetables and other salads that are packaged do not receive further industrial treatment, only washed, dried and packed and therefore, are products minimally processed that preserve an excellent nutritional quality.

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In addition, they can make it easier for us to combine ingredients, cut, peel and so on, and only one more wash is needed before use and consumption as is the case of Florette-type salads, therefore, we can use them as such for a variety of salads or, elaborate with these packaged vegetables, tortillas, soups or other preparations.

pot vegetables


They are legumes ready to eat, were cooked and packed in salted water (sometimes with more additives) for preservation over time. However, canned legumes can promote the consumption of this food group and also have a good proportion of fiber, vegetable proteins, potassium, calcium and other nutrients depending on the specimen chosen.

Therefore, the canned vegetables They are another good process that can help us eat healthier in the new year with various preparations such as bean puree, hamburgers or meatballs and various salads.

Fish in oil or natural


They save us the cleaning and cooking of fish and serve to encourage the consumption of this group of foods that are found packaged and with preservatives therefore, unlike fresh fish, always are higher in sodium.

We can rinse the canned fish if we want to reduce the sodium they have and with them we can make from a salad to sandwiches, snacks or healthy croquettes and toasts for an aperitif.

dehydrated mushrooms


Now we are in mushroom season, ingredients rich in potassium and very light, but if we find ourselves in another era and we are looking to consume mushrooms, we can go for the dehydrated version that only receives this processing and therefore retains a good nutritional quality.

We just have to hydrate them and we can make everything from soups and salads to wild rice or risottos, stuffed courgettes or super-nutritious savory cakes.

Although the fresh ones always have an advantage, not all the processed are a nutritional horror, but here you go nine good options to include in your shopping list and promote the achievement of a healthy diet this year.

This article was originally published by Gabriela Gottau in January 2018 and has been reviewed for republication.

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