Nine applications on your mobile to help you take care of your diet in 2022

Nine applications on your mobile to help you take care of your diet in 2022

Technology is something that makes it easier for us, sometimes, improve our diet and training. There are applications that are more famous than others, there may be some that you know and others that you do not.

Here we present nine applications that will help you improve your diet.


Myfitnesspal App Review

MyFitnessPal is an application that allows you to include food and know the calories and macronutrients you are consuming. It is true that it generates very little adherence to be day in and day out to be counting calories. But this app can help you to know, more or less, the calories you are consuming if you use it for some time.


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The application includes different utilities that will help us maintain the diet. On the one hand we have the calendar, which will allow us to write down exactly what we should eat each day, organizing lunches in advance. On the other hand, the weight registration tool will tell us at all times how much we are gaining or losing as time goes by.

Another function within FatSecret – Calorie Counter will give us the possibility of assigning ourselves an exercise program with which to always stay in shape. So if you’re thinking about losing weight or just want to start taking care of yourself a little better, check it out and download the app.

Myrealfood App

This application was created by the team of Carlos Ríos. This application allows you to scan products and discover if they are real food, good processed or ultra-processed, discover thousands of healthy and easy to prepare recipes and easily record your meals to reach your health goals.



Yuka analyzes the food products and explains the evaluation of each product in a detailed product sheet, in case of scanning mediocre or bad products, Yuka independently recommends similar and better products for health and displays a scanned product history, identifying the impact of each product on health through a simple color code.

The coconut


The CoCo gives food products a score from 0 to 10. The scale is a reflection of the nutritional value of each product. Thus, 0 is the worst result and 10 the best.

You can scan the barcodes of your favorite products with El CoCo to identify the foods that are really good for your health.

What’s more, have developed their methodology in collaboration with Juan Revenga, dietitian-nutritionist and biologist, and one of the most recognized nutrition experts in Spain and they are based, among other scientific works, on the recommendations of the World Health Organization.




In Oorenji, you can create your physical, psychological, sports, tastes, allergies profile, and much more to generate a diet totally adapted to your goals and needs.

If you need the help of a health professional, you will have the possibility of contacting one of theirs through the app.

In addition, its health professionals have created more than 3,000 healthy and fun recipes so you can configure your meal plan, whatever your tastes and preferences.



With this app, you can enjoy hundreds of recipes that are easy to prepare and full of nutrients and delicious foods. All recipes include information on nutritional values ​​so you can keep track of your daily energy intake.

You can scan the product, register it and get the nutritional information you need to move forward.

Also, to help you achieve your goals and personalize your path to a healthy life, you can add your meals, foods, recipes and exercises to Favorites.

hat cook


Hatcook is the social network you were looking for to share recipes, save your favorites or follow that chef who prepares easy and delicious recipes.

Hatcook puts at your fingertips a whole world of flavors and colors so you can cook step by step. You just need to take a look at the collections we have, Mexican, for children, vegetarian, simple or healthy, among many others.


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The only thing more fun than sharing the table with your loved ones is bragging about your culinary achievements with them. That is why they have created Cookidoo® A La Mesa 2021, a new and exciting way to share images of your personal gastronomy throughout the year, only through mobile.

They know how busy you have been preparing those irresistible dishes with your Thermomix®, worthy of the best restaurant. In Spain alone, its home cooks have prepared 36 million recipes with 4,400 different ingredients with Thermomix®. There have been more than 38 million kilos of food, which have left an impressive number of satisfied stomachs in 2021.

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