nikawuw in an amazing Kate Bishop cosplay from Hawkeye

nikawuw in an amazing Kate Bishop cosplay from Hawkeye

The cosplayer community has started to make amazing characterizations of the different characters that appear in our favorite series and movies, this could be the case of Hawkey from Disney +, a great source of inspiration for some artists throughout the world.

Something that has surprised us is that many models have taken the initiative, as is the case with a cosplay dedicated to the beloved female character of Kate Bishop, who appears in the Disney+ Hawkey series and this time takes a more leading role. as today’s choice, in a characterization that will excite more than one Marvel fan.

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Hawkeye, the hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and ex-Avenger is not alone in this adventure, but also gives space to Kate Bishop. The girl may not be known to those who are not fans of comics, but now we have the opportunity to get to know her in detail and she will surely become a familiar face.

Best of all, Kate Bishop also makes the leap to real life in a reinterpretation by the beautiful cosplayer model nikawuw. As you can see, this beautiful cosplay manages to recreate the female character, without losing details along the way, and letting out the charming silhouette of the model.

In this characterization, the cosplayer is holding a bow and arrow, with a quiver on her back. The costume takes up the typical purple of Kate Bishop and there are also some elements in the clothing that become the ideal accessories for this cosplay, there is no doubt that Marvel fans will love it, so you can go into her official account of Instagram, to see more of his posts.

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