The tragic news recently broke that Alec Baldwin killed a woman on the set of the movie Rust. Nicolas Cage was angered by a similar incident.

A weapon used in the movie Rust was shot by Alec baldwin because I thought it was blank. But it hurt the director Joel souza and killed the cinematographer Halyna hutchins. For now, the investigation is ongoing, but what happened to Nicolas Cage it may be the key to what actually happened.

It was recently reported that the deputy director David halls he was fired from the movie Freedom’s Path in 2019 after a similar incident, although luckily on that occasion there were only minor injuries. But now they have revealed that Nicolas Cage had an incident with Hannah Gutierrez-Reed due to his lack of professionalism on the set of filming The old way, his first western-themed film. She worked on Rust and now it is at the center of the investigation.

The actor got very angry with Hannah Gutiérrez-Reed.

According Stu Brumnaugh revealed that when the movie The old way I was filming last summer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed enraged Nicolas Cage and other team members after failing to announce the arrival of weapons on set. In fact, the actor lost control after she fired a gun very close to him twice in the space of three days without warning.

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According Stu Brumnaugh, the actor Nicolas Cage He expressed his anger by saying, “Make an announcement, you just blew my fucking eardrums” before leaving the set. Brumbaugh voiced her own concerns and said she had no experience for the position and urged the director Brett donowho to let her go.

It will take a while until we know what exactly happened on the set of Rust. But surely this incident will change the ways of working in Hollywood so no one else has to die making a movie.