news summary of the week

news summary of the week

But to turn this complex moment around and help our pockets, we did an exercise that will surely help you when you go to the supermarket.

We chose 15 products from the basket and made a Comparison of prices between free and normal brands . Big surprise! We get to save 43% of the expense that is made of one against another. Take the tip, your personal finances will appreciate it.

By the way, the one who needs a better financial adviser is the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, who since last year presented a law to make bitcoin a legal tender.

Let’s not talk about when the digital asset was close to 50 thousand dollars. The volatility that has been recorded in recent times is to crack your fingers and bite your nails. In a week he lost about 30% and now it is in the 20 thousand dollars . It is time to apply to the Central American president the phrase of the friend, realize it.

Taking advantage of the topic of bitcoin, and without wanting to disturb, the collapse of its value will have been a reason why a certain Mexican businessman, who also promotes and proposes the use of digital currency, decided to get out of the contest for Banamex… Is it? that no longer reached him? It’s just a question.

The one that also needs some advice is the government of Mexico, which has always accepted the commitment that 35% of the energy it generates will be clean . According to experts, it is difficult to achieve the challenge.

There are those who calculate that reaching a goal of this magnitude will not be achieved in 2024 as intended, but after 2030. At least the intention to go in the direction of combating climate change is applauded.

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Changing the subject. Now that covid infections have shot up again in the country and that once again we see long lines to get tested in health centers, it is worth learning about and sharing this data that worries us a lot.

Turns out the preschool is the educational level that left the most empty classrooms after the pandemic . According to México Evalúa and Tec de Monterrey, this degree of education had a 13% reduction in enrollment due to distance classes.

The news should lead us to reflect on the relevance of school for children of this age, because in the search for this story we find that many parents give more importance to their children’s education, but from primary . Pedagogues and psychologists know how fundamental preschool is.

By the way, starting this Monday they can already vaccinate children from 5 to 11 years old against covid, good news that many of us already expected.

And to finish and get into the weekend atmosphere, the bad note in the week was given by the Mexican National Team, which left the FIFA ranking top ten . It is not that the news surprises us for the level of play that the team has shown recently, but for those who always get excited before the World Cup, this is a tray of ice water in reality.

Better start making your bets safely with Brazil, Belgium, Argentina, France and England, which are the best placed in the list of the highest body in football.

Have a great weekend!