New Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7: main features and price

New Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7: main features and price

The wait is over and the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 is official. the smart bracelet was introduced in China but with few surprises, since practically all its characteristics had been leaked in the last time. Beyond that, the Asian firm returns to the ring with a device that is far from revolutionizing compared to its predecessor, but that includes some other improvements to highlight.

The first thing to note is that the Mi Smart Band 7 incorporates the largest screen we have seen so far in this family of products. It is an AMOLED panel of 1.62 inches and resolution of 192 x 490 pixels. It is clearly not the most drastic leap that Xiaomi has implemented in its wearables, but the company claims that it allows the display area to be increased by 25%.

The other great novelty is, without a doubt, the support for Always On Display. The Mi Smart Band 7 now allows access to certain basic data, such as the time, without having to turn on its screen. In addition, the graphical interface of the device has also been optimized to take better advantage of the increase in screen size, and really attractive animated backgrounds have also been added.

The rest of the smart bracelet is in line with what we already know about Xiaomi devices. It is worth mentioning that the Mi Smart Band 7 will arrive in two versions, one of them with NFC chip. The latter will allow contactless payments, although it is unknown if it will be launched internationally; Let’s remember that they have traditionally been launched with this feature only in China, although the Mi Band 6 with NFC arrived in Spain last September.

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When it comes to features, we continue to see traditional features like stress, heart rate, sleep and menstrual cycle monitoring, as well as blood oxygen level. While it also boasts a catalog with 120 sports activities and a water resistance of 5 atmospheres (pressure equivalent to 50 meters deep).

Technical characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7

Screen 1.62-inch AMOLED (192 x 490) with support for Always On Display.
sensors Gyroscope and accelerometer, both with three axes;
Heart rate sensor.
connectivity Bluetooth 5.2;
Xiaomi also launches a version with NFC.
Battery 180mAh It promises a duration of 15 days with two hours of charge.
Dimensions and weight 46.5 x 20.7 x 12.25 millimeters;
13.5 grams (standard version) / 13.8 grams (NFC)

Regarding the design, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 will be available with antibacterial TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) straps in six colors: black, gray, green, pink, light blue and orange. But four other models will also be launched, at least in China: two in blue and green camouflage, and two in fluorescent green and orange.

As for mobile compatibility, there are no major surprises. Xiaomi’s new smart bracelet can be synchronized with devices running iOS 10.0 and Android 6.0 or higher.

Price and availability

As we already mentioned, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 has been launched only in China for now. However, it is expected that in the short term it will be available in international markets, although at the moment there are no further details. As for prices, the standard version will go on sale in the Asian giant in exchange for 239 yuan, which is equivalent to about 33 euros, approximately. The version with NFC, meanwhile, will be slightly more expensive: 279 yuan, which today is equivalent to about 39 euros.