The Xiaomi company has just put a new accessory on the market that has one of its best features in its wide compatibility. We are talking about a charger that comes from the hand of one of its associated companies and is called Baseus 3-port 60W . This model offers options that are interesting to have an adjusted price, and one of the highlights is its high output power.

This new travel charger that has been known has an output power of 60 W , so we talk about full compatibility with all the needs that may have. Thus, for example, what is necessary is offered so that it is possible to charge the batteries of both mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets). In addition, laptops that include USB Type-C port that allow this type of work can be used with this accessory. That is, we talk about a device that offers compatibility with Power Delivery .

In what has to do with the amount of ports that exist in Baseus 3-port 60W there is very good news, since there are two USB Type A what are offered plus an additional Type C , and this is one of the keys for Its usability is excellent. This multi-purpose charger , unlike what happens in other products of this type, does not share the output power it offers and, therefore, in the first case you get 45 W and, in the second, you reach the Sixty mentioned.

USB Type C connection cable

Wide compatibility of this Xiaomi accessory in charging technologies

To be sure of the proper functioning of this accessory, the manufacturer has certified its product with the most common fast charging technologies that are currently used. In the case of mobile devices, support for Quick Charge up to version 3.0 is included. On the side of Power Delivery, which is the one that allows the use in laptops such as those of Apple or Xiaomi, the version is the same … which is excellent news.

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Xiaomi Baseus 3-port 60W closed pins

A very curious detail but we believe it is true is that the plugs included in Baseus 3-port 60W are retractable , which facilitates transport and is less dangerous if it is loose in a backpack with other devices. In addition, different safety technologies are included, such as those of overvoltage or heat (even, the manufacturing material makes this accessory flame retardant ). Additionally, a control chip is available to always use the appropriate voltage so that there are no current losses.

Buy this charger now

At the moment Xiaomi Baseus 3-port 60W is for sale in China on the financing platform of the Asian firm, but now that this type of products reach Indiegogo , it is logical to expect this step. The price of this charger is 149 yuan, which in turn remains at about 20 euros , a cost more than adequate for everything that this accessory offers.

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