New World: what is Aljez?

New World: what is Aljez?

During the New World Winter Convergence Festival event, players can earn a kind of small stones whose use, after several transformation processes, is very useful in the video game. For this reason, in this section of our complete New World guide we explain how this element works and the places where they are found.

Characteristics and uses of Aljez

The Aljez it is a small and moldable stone that is distributed throughout all Aeternum, there are a total of 8 different types and each one of them is used to make Orbs of Aljez which in turn, serve to create molds of weapons, armor and others. That is why, in general terms, it is compared to the function of a plaster.

However, depending on its type, different amounts are required to produce this material, the problem is that each one is achieved in different ways. For example, Aljez de Obsidian is obtained from enemies in elite landmarks and therefore only 3 are required to craft an orb.

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At the same time, Sapphire Aljez is one of the most difficult to acquire, since they are only granted by the last heads of Instrumentality of Lazarus and the Garden of Genesis, therefore it only takes one to generate an orb. On the other hand, some such as Amethyst Aljez are easier to come by, but require up to 7 units to craft.

Finally, as you get Aljez can be refined through furnaces, which are available in cities in the high-level zones, although these must be leveled up to be able to process all the existing types of Aljez.