Only 1 day after the launch of Windows 11, AMD published information on its website warning users that this Windows update was causing performance problems in several of its processors.

Although the firm led by Lisa Su mentioned that the solution would arrive at the end of this month, the first Windows 11 patch released on Tuesday, October 12 seemed to be a possible solution for those affected, however, it worsened the performance in some processors of the Mark.

AMD had mentioned that Windows 11 caused the latency in the L3 cache to be up to 3 times higher, which resulted in a performance decrease of between 3 and 5% in common applications, but that in games used for eSports this is between the 10 and 15%.

According to TechPowerUp, in his tests he found that the latency of the L3 cache in a Ryzen 7 2700X went from 10ns (nanoseconds) to 17ns with the update of Windows 11. With the last patch the figure increased to 31.9ns.


While some users might accomplish their tasks normally, others will likely see this as a serious problem for their activities, especially those who are into eSports.

When will the update arrive?

TechPowerUp revealed that the problem with the cache will most likely be resolved with the security patch scheduled for October 19, while the rest of the inconsistencies with AMD processors will finish being resolved until October 21 with the next security patch.