The new Toyota Yaris ECOVan has been presented in society and is already for sale in Spain. Toyota’s popular hybrid utility vehicle is transformed into a quirky as well as interesting commercial vehicle. It boasts an ECO label and a large cargo area.

The New generation Toyota Yaris ECOVan is here. The long-awaited comprehensive renovation of this very interesting commercial vehicle with self-recharging hybrid mechanics has been presented in society. The fourth generation of the Toyota Yaris that hit the market in the middle of last year 2020 has been taken as a starting point. Toyota emphasizes that we are facing the only hybrid in the commercial passenger car segment.

The interior of the new Yaris ECOVan has been appropriately modified to provide a large cargo area and to be able to perform the function of urban freight transport and last-mile deliveries. By having the DGT ECO environmental badge (Directorate General of Traffic) can circulate freely through large Spanish cities.

The new generation of the Toyota Yaris ECOVan is already on sale in Spain

The keys to the new Toyota Yaris ECOVan

The second generation Yaris ECOVan features a approval N1 Van. At first glance, from the outside, it looks the same as the other variants of the Yaris range. However, if we go into the cabin is where we will find a totally different interior from pillar B. It is where the transformation begins to turn it into a commercial vehicle.

The rear seats have been removed and a divider has been installed between the front seats and the new cargo area. The cubic cargo area a volume of 720 liters with a maximum length of 1,242.8 mm between the divider and the end of the boot. The minimum width reaches 866.8 mm and the height from floor to ceiling is 694.8 mm. The total weight to be transported can be up to 430 kg.

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The wooden raised access floor has been covered with a rubber mat to avoid damage. The rear glass, although not factory laminated, can be laminated and even vinyl as an option.

Toyota Yaris ECOVan - trunk
The cargo area of ​​the new Toyota Yaris ECOVan cubes a volume of 720 liters

The standard equipment of the new Toyota Yaris ECOVan

The transformation process can be carried out in two of the finishes that make up the Yaris range. Are the endings Business Plus Y Active Tech. Regardless of the chosen finish, the endowment is quite extensive, especially if we consider that we are talking about a commercial vehicle. We list below the featured standard equipment:

Business Plus

  • Toyota Safety Sense
  • Toyota Touch 2 infotainment system with 7-inch touchscreen
  • Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Automatic climate control
  • Rain sensor
  • 15-inch alloy wheels
  • Fog lights
  • Headlights with Intelligent High Beam Control

Active Tech (adds)

  • LED rear lights
  • Leather-wrapped multifunction steering wheel
  • Keyless start and access system
  • Rear view camera
  • Toyota Touch 2 multimedia system with 8-inch touchscreen
Toyota Yaris ECOVan - interior
The Toyota Yaris ECOVan only has two seats. The rear seats have been removed

The prices of the new Toyota Yaris ECOVan

Marketing of the new Yaris ECOVan is already underway at Spanish dealers. The starting point is any of the previously mentioned models, the Yaris Business Plus (€ 22,050) or the Yaris Active Tech (€ 22,950). The transformation of the vehicle is carried out a posteriori and has a cost of € 1,300 + VAT.