Almost a year ago Obsidian Entertainment revealed Avowed, your next RPG console exclusive Xbox and PC. Since its official announcement in July 2020 we have not heard anything about this next project, but a new report has provided us with a lot of details that will surely interest you.

Said report comes from Windows Central, who discovered several interesting facts about the state of the game, including that it is still in pre-production stage although in Obsidian they are already close to having “a preliminary playable version”.

Apparently, it will be a game with a gameplay very similar to that of The Outer Worlds, with “a first-person action combat that incorporates deep RPG, exploration and narrative systems.” It is also mentioned that he will borrow certain items from Skyrimsuch as two-weapon combat, and yes, there will be various styles of play with classes.

“You can use two daggers and play as a stealth assassin, or become an archer. You can use a combination of swords and magic, or just use magic to summon some of the most powerful spells and abilities in the game. “

In the same way, it is expected that it will also include many elements present in the saga of Pillars of Eternity, with spells, weapon enchantments and pistols. Although Avowed is described as “the The Elder Scrolls from Obsidian“We can expect a much more vibrant color gamut than in those games. Windows Central already had the opportunity to see an advance video of Avowed, and they ensure that it runs and looks great.

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Editor’s note: Sadly it seems that Avowed it is still far from reaching our hands because of what is mentioned in this report. Hopefully we’ll get a new look at this game during The Game Awards this year, if not until E3 of 2021.

Via: Windows Central

New report reveals many details about Avowed

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