New poster for the My Hero Academia special

New poster for the My Hero Academia special

With each passing month, the release of the sixth season of My Hero Academia is coming, this with the adaptation of an arc that many fans of the series have been waiting for, the ultimate war between heroes and villains. However, while that is happening, the series is looking for some relaxation time with two OVAS that will be released in theaters this summer.

To celebrate all this, the official poster that will be placed at the entrances of Japanese cinemas has been released, once again having as protagonists Midoriya, Bakugo Y Todoroki. In addition, you can see some of his teachers from the academy, plus the inclusion of a villain who seems to have some relevance in the special.

Here it is:

the special of My Hero Academia will be about class 1-A starting their own baseball team, the first poster with this premise was released on April 1, so fans thought it was a joke. However, at the end of it all we will see the protagonists take a bat and gloves to see who is the best on the court.

Special My Hero

The title of the second special is “Laugh! As if you were in hell” and you will see Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki during his internship at the agency endeavor and facing a new villain in the process. Thus, having more time to work as a team, something that fans of the work of heroes are always excited to see.

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Remember that both specials will only be broadcast in theaters in Japan.

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