The middle of the month has arrived, which means the announcement of a new wave of games that will be available on Xbox Game Pass in September. This final stretch, like «back to school» comes loaded with new experiences that can be played both on Xbox consoles, PC and mobile devices and browsers thanks to the cloud.

Specifically, they are 13 sets those who will arrive from here until the end of September. As always, proposals of all kinds for all audiences, whether they are lovers of survival games, RPGs, platforms, shooters or action and adventure games. There is a lot to choose from in this second wave of play in September, but we can highlight experiences such as Aragami 2, from the Spanish team Lince Works, Astria ascending, indie inspired by the Final Fantasy saga, Skate Bird, Sable or Subnautica: Below Zero, among many others.

Some of them are already known to us from their previous release, but 8 of these 13 games are new releases that arrive on Xbox Game Pass on day 1.

Flynn: Son of Crimson

Flynn: Son of Crimson is a Classic 2D action platformer. You have to help Flynn who, along with his partner Dex, have to save Rosantica, otherwise an evil called Calamity will conquer his home. Throughout the game you have to explore the world of Rosantica, collect relics and discover new paths as you go on an adventure like no other. Luckily, Flynn has powers and is in possession of the Crimson Sword that was given to him by the Goddess Sorrell. At the graphic level, it is pixel art and reminds us of the games of the genre that came out in the era of 16-bit consoles.

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Available September 15 for consoles, PC and cloud

I am fish

Bossa Studios game is a physics simulation adventure where the protagonists are 4 fish. Until now they lived in a tent aquarium, but overnight they have become free. Your mission? You have to go through the streets of a big city dodging all kinds of obstacles in order to reach the ocean. Cross the streets, dodge wild animals and much more in a very original title that has texts in Spanish. The PC version is controller compatible.

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Available September 16 for consoles, PC and cloud


It is a skateboarding video game developed and distributed by Glass Bottom Games. In this title we take control of several skating birds that compete by doing tricks in different scenarios in the purest style of Tony Hawk games with a third person perspective.

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Available September 16 for consoles, PC and cloud


Superliminal is a first person puzzle game where you have to explore a world full of optical illusions. Throughout the game of Pillow Castle you have to change the perspective in order to solve the puzzles and thus advance in the adventure. In Superliminal one good day you fall asleep around 03:00 in the morning while you were watching TV. They were on a program that talked about Dr. Pierce’s dream therapy Somnasculpt. Once you open your eyes you do not return to the real world, instead you are in the early stages of an experimental program, Superliminal.

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Available September 16 for consoles, PC and cloud

Aragami 2

It is a stealth, action and adventure video game developed and distributed by Lince Works. It’s the direct sequel to Aragami, here we control the murderer again of the shadows, which has the main objective is to save its people from the invaders who only want to cause destruction in their path.

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Available September 17 for consoles, PC and cloud

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a 2D adventure platformer where you have to interact with the words of Izzy’s diary, a girl who travels the world of Estoria, a place where words can alter the environment. The game stands out for having a very immersive narrative. There is no fighting of any kind in the game developed by Sketchbook Games and Fourth State. In each of the levels you have to advance using the power of words to overcome each of the obstacles. The PC version has full controller support. Regarding the language, it has voices in English and texts in Spanish.

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Available September 23 for consoles, PC and cloud


Sable is an open world adventure game developed by Shedworks, in which the player immerses themselves in a deep personal journey about coming of age through an alien planet. Along the way, the protagonist named Sable will learn the history of it, its inhabitants, and her own place in the world. The player will be able to explore ancient monuments, architecture of the planet in ruins or fallen ships in a gigantic desert stage. Sable will look for a suitable initiation mask to be able to return to his nomadic clan, for which he will have to solve some riddles.

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Available September 23 for consoles, PC and cloud

Subnautica: Below Zero

Like Subnautica, Subnautica: Below Zero is a exploration and survival game that maintains the mechanics of the first delivery. This new adventure takes place a year after what happened in the original game. On this occasion the protagonist is a scientist who has the mission of studying a series of artifacts that are distributed in various types of biomes, all of them on planet 4546B. The game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment studio does not have a multiplayer mode. The PC version lacks full controller support. A mod supports virtual reality for PC.

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Available September 23 for consoles, PC and cloud

Tainted Grail: Conquest

Awaken Realms Digital’s video game, Tainted Grail: Conquest, is a RPG with Roguelike elements that plunges you into a fantasy world, and more specifically on the cursed island of Avalon. Explore all kinds of constantly changing maps and fight enemies that put you to the test. The fights are by means of cards (there are 460). When it comes to playing there are a total of 9 classes to choose from. At the skill level, there are 340 passives. During the adventure you have to build your own village and complete missions. Tainted Grail: Conquest has voices and texts in English.

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Available September 23 for PC

Lemnis gate

It is a shooter developed by Ratloop Games Canada and distributed by Frontier Developments. In space wars are unleashed between different sides, and you are part of one of them, you will have to use your skills and technology to be able to survive the attacks and fulfill your missions.

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Available September 28 for consoles and PC

Astria ascending

It is a role-playing video game with platform and action elements developed by Artisan Studio and distributed by Dear Villagers. The title unfolds its plot in the world of Orcanon, for 5 cities where we take the role of a warrior who must face different enemies to complete different dungeons.

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Available September 30 for consoles, PC and cloud


Explore the ruins of Arcadia in this Indie action game with RPG touches. The inhabitants of Arcadia, androids who have been at war with the humans for a long time, are losing the Anima. The Anima is the energy that gives consciousness to the androids. Take control of Alma and find a way to recover your memoriesOnly then can you save your friends. The world of Arcadia has many secrets to discover and puzzles to solve. As for the protagonist, Alma, as you progress through the game you unlock new abilities that are essential to overcome obstacles. You can play alone or with a friend in split screen.

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Available September 30 for consoles and PC

Phoenix point

Developed by Snapshot Games, creators of the original X-COM saga, Phoenix Point is a turn-based strategy game where we have to fight aliens. During the game, the enemy is mutating and evolving to be able to face our attacks. In the game, Phoenix Point is a global working organization that has been created to take action if the world is in danger. We have control of a cell of the organization. Our mission is to bring together the best scientists, engineers and soldiers to find out what happened to the rest of the cells, as they do not show signs of life.

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Available October 1 for consoles

As always, if you want to know more about each of these games that come to Xbox Game Pass or the updates and content of the games on the service, you can consult Xbox Wire All the details.