Home Technology New Dell XPS 13 Plus, a design that breaks with the past

New Dell XPS 13 Plus, a design that breaks with the past

New Dell XPS 13 Plus, a design that breaks with the past

We are already mired in CES in Las Vegas and Dell wanted to give its touch of originality with its new XPS 13 Plus. A design that breaks with all the design lines of the American company and that seeks to differentiate itself by its scarcity of cuts in the design. It will even be difficult for us to distinguish the trackpad.

Dell XPS 13 Plus, breaking with design

First of all, there is no indication of where is the touchpadas the parting lines have been removed and Dell has chosen to say that it has a “Non-marking glass touchpad” It uses haptic technology to provide information about where you are.

Now let’s talk about the keyboard. Dell has increased the size of the keys and tripled the surface area of ​​each of them to 0.3 millimeters. Offering a travel distance of 1 millimeter. At the top, the traditional row of function keys has been replaced by a capacitive row that toggles between the multimedia key lights and the function keys depending on whether the function lock is activated or not.

To put some order into this chaos, Nick DiLoreto, Senior Director of Industrial Design at Dell’s Experiences Innovation Group, explained this design. The trackpad is located on the “Center section of that great piece of seamless glass.” It further indicated that the capacitive row was different than what Apple tried with its recently abandoned Touch Bar.

“The solutions are different and both try to achieve very different objectives”DiLoreto said. “Apple was trying to bring more functionality to that area. We were trying to add more simplicity. Hence the lights are directed to the function keys or the multimedia keys, depending on what the user chooses.

Technical specifications

Inside we find the 12th Generation Intel processor family. We can choose between an i5-1240P, i7-1260P, i7-1270P or i7-1280P. As for RAM, we can choose up to 32 GB of memory and 2 TB of SSD storage. The last setting point is the display, buyers will be able to choose between a 3840×2400 touch panel, a 3456×2160 OLED touch panel, or a Full HD panel with or without touch capabilities.

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As for ports, the XPS 13 Plus comes down to a Thunderbolt 4 port DisplayPort capable and dual-sided power delivery. Being the battery of the new 55Wh laptop.

The XPS 13 Plus has priced from $ 1,200, and it is slated to be available in the spring, presumably at the time of the season in the northern hemisphere. It will be available in a light platinum color, or in a darker color similar to graphite.