NETGEAR Launches New WAX610 and WAX610Y Access Points with Wi-Fi 6

NETGEAR Launches New WAX610 and WAX610Y Access Points with Wi-Fi 6

The manufacturer NETGEAR has launched two new professional Wi-Fi access points within its Insight Managed family, that is, these APs are managed directly from the manufacturer NETGEAR’s own cloud so as not to need the installation of a hardware Wi-Fi driver or software in the organization, everything will be managed from the Cloud to greatly facilitate its configuration. The two new models are the WAX610 for indoor environments, and the WAX610Y for outdoor environments, today in RedesZone we explain their characteristics in detail.

NETGEAR WAX610 Features

The main feature of this new professional access point is the incorporation of a simultaneous dual-band with Wi-Fi AX1800. In the 2.4GHz band, we can achieve a speed of up to 574Mbps, and in the 5GHz band, we can achieve a speed of up to 1,201Mbps. In both frequency bands we have MU-MIMO 2T2R configuration, 1024QAM of quadrature amplitude modulation, and, of course, the new Wi-Fi 6 standard. These access points have all the Wi-Fi 6 wireless technologies., such as MU-MIMO, OFDMA, Beamforming and also TWT for energy saving in wireless clients. The negative part of this AP is that we do not have the 160MHz channel width available, necessary to achieve speeds of up to 2.402Mbps.

Thanks to the Wi-Fi 6 standard, this AP is perfect for high-density Wi-Fi environments of wireless clients, in this way, we can connect a greater number of devices simultaneously without affecting performance too much. We must also bear in mind that we will have a greater capacity, specifically four times more than Wi-Fi 5, thanks to OFDMA and the MU-MIMO it incorporates. Finally, thanks to NETGEAR Insight, we will be able to have a solid and smooth roaming between this WAX610 and the rest of the professional access points of the manufacturer, since all of them are supported by the 802.11k/v/r standards.

NETGEAR Launches New WAX610 and WAX610Y Access Points with Wi-Fi 6

At the wired level, a novelty is the incorporation of a 2.5GbE Multigigabit port, in this way, we will not have a bottleneck in the wired network when we connect multiple devices to the two Wi-Fi frequency bands. This detail is very important because it could be the case where we exceed the speed of approximately 900Mbps, as long as we are in almost ideal environments.

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You can access the official NETGEAR WAX610 website to learn about all the options in detail.

NETGEAR WAX610Y Features

This professional Wi-Fi access point has exactly the same technical characteristics as the previous WAX610 model, with its simultaneous dual-band AX1800, all the functions and features of Wi-Fi 6, and also the 2.5GbE Multigigabit port to avoid having a neck of bottle on the wired network.

The difference with respect to the previous model is that this WAX610Y is Outdoor, that is, it incorporates IP55 protection against water and dust so that we can place it in outdoor environments since it will withstand inclement weather without any problem (exposure prolonged in the sun, snow, hail, frost, etc.)

You can access the official NETGEAR WAX610Y website to learn about all the options in detail.

NETGEAR Insight software features

In RedesZone we have analyzed in detail everything about NETGEAR Insight, the cloud management platform for Wi-Fi access points, switches and routers from the manufacturer NETGEAR, all unified for centralized management. Thanks to this management, we will be able to use a total of 8 independent wireless networks, for administration, employees, guests, and even for IoT devices that the organization has, of course, it supports VLANs for the correct segmentation of the networks and the separation of the same to each other. Another interesting function is that it allows users to be separated in the same VLAN, that is, it prevents guests from accessing other computers connected in the same VLAN, so that they only have access to the Internet and nothing else.

NETGEAR Launches New WAX610 and WAX610Y Access Points with Wi-Fi 6

Other features that have recently been added is the support for WPA3, providing the best wireless security protocol that we have available today. We also have WPA3-Enterprise, and even Dynamic VLAN to assign the different authenticated users on a RADIUS server to a specific VLAN, ideal for companies where there are multiple users.

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