Netflix’s The Gray Man Action Movie Reveals Posters

Netflix’s The Gray Man Action Movie Reveals Posters

A couple of hours ago, the official accounts of Netflix via twitter, they have released the first official posters of The Gray Manthe next movie joe Y Anthony Russoin them, they introduce us to Ryan Gosling, Anne of Arms Y Chris Evansto which the new appearance of Evansas he sports a rather noticeable full mustache.

The movie The Gray Manadapts the series of novels by Mark Greaneywith Gosling Interpreting Court Gentryalso know as Sierra Sixa CIA agent recruited from a federal prison for Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton) to become an assassin for the agency. Gentry does not officially exist, which is the root of the nickname “the Gray Man”an incredibly mysterious character with a very secretive past, whose essence could almost seem like a ghost, according to the brothers Russian to the official blog of Netflixwhen he revealed the first images of the film: “A minimalist, [cuyo] job is to hide in plain sight. It kills when it needs to kill and disappears.”

“Ryan is exceptional at communicating volumes through a look or a gesture”they say “Creating an inner life that translates into the most subtle and sublime forms. He also has fantastic control of his physique. At his core, he is The Gray Man (minus the kill orders).”

So this mustachioed new version of Evans it is Lloyd Hansenthe former colleague of Gentry who now has the task of hunting, as Sierra Six, Gentry get help from agent Danny Mirandainterpreted by Anne of Armsso the Russianof course, have a history with Evans After working together on the Marvel Cinematic Universeto which they also commented on why they chose him for the spy movie:

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“Chris is one of the most technically gifted actors we’ve ever worked with. Highly skilled. This allows him to take big risks as an actor”said the brothers Russian. “He’s also a brilliant student of human behavior, which makes all of his choices, whether he’s playing Captain America or a sociopathic former CIA agent, [emocionalmente] truthful But we want to go on record and say, where can Ryan Gosling be The Gray Man, Chris Evans is certainly not a sociopath. Well, as far as we know…”