Netflix was collapsed with the premiere of Stranger Things 4

Netflix was collapsed with the premiere of Stranger Things 4

One of the great premieres that people were waiting for Netflix It is the second part of the fourth season of stranger things, which has been one of the most beloved by fans. That led many to wait for its first minutes of arrival on the platform, and therefore the inevitable happened, that the streaming program fell.

This happened during the first minutes that the new episodes were released, which basically cover four hours of content with many stories to tell behind it. And while the service’s servers were fixed, many dropped their anger on social networks, specifically through Twitterwith very dissatisfied comments.

Check them out here:

Netflix Is Down When Stranger Things Releases

Why the heck is Netflix down? I need to see Stranger Things

Me acting shocked when I see the “Netflix Error” message at midnight, like the whole world isn’t trying to watch the Stranger Things ending at the same time


It is worth mentioning that this also happened a few weeks ago when the first part of Stranger Things 4. Fortunately, Netflix It works normally now. So fans and newcomers to the series alike can enjoy this conclusion that brings familiar characters to their worst showdown ever.

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