Aardman Animation, one of the most respected studios in the industry, wouldn’t close the year without a Christmas-related story. In that frame comes Peti Roja, titled globally as Robin robin. It is an animated short film, directed and scripted by Dan ojari and Michael Please, which tells the story of a bird marked by its origin: it was raised by mice. In times where Christmas stories seem saturated or very far from some classics, Netflix’s bet can be used to reconcile with the productions set at that time.

The production house is distinguished by using claymation and stop motion for your narratives. These resources are not minor because they are also part of history. The viewing experience changes. Therefore, the effects that are generated in the viewer are also diversified, unlike the most common resources. In the case of Peti Roja, The style of Aardman Animation contributes to generating a touching, warm childlike atmosphere, and at the same time attractive to other audiences because its story is well told.

The resources used for the recreation of the universe are not above the story, in contrast to bombastic productions, in which the explosions outweigh the story. On Peti Roja a balance can be found between aesthetic and narrative resources in favor of both: one and the other grow because they are well used. In this short film, everything says in favor of generating a pleasant experience.

Peti Roja, a story worthy of the best children’s literature (but on Netflix)

There is a tendency to believe that children’s literature is exclusive to children, when not a few stories typified in that way serve in a good way for adults. What happen? As the reading experience is nourished by experiences, it is possible to better understand the messages that were received a few years earlier through books. To this is added the aesthetic value of this type of book, with designs, illustrations and other resources focused on enchanting the view and generating a connection with reading from the first years.

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With Peti Roja a similar effect may be produced, but in a cinematic way. Seen the final result, It is valid to suspect that if it works as an initial experience for many little ones, they begin to cultivate a solid and healthy relationship with the big screen.. In fact, it is a shame to think that the largest number of viewers will join through computers and not through the big screen. It is a production to see in the best possible conditions.

In the case of adults, you may remind them of different stories that amazed them with their staging and their history. If not, they are likely to identify with the essence of Robin robin: the search for identity. It is the sort of paradox that this type of production entails. They easily address complex issues, from different social classes to private, internal debates, which in the real world usually take a long time to be resolved, or at least more than half an hour and coins that lasts Peti Roja.

This animated short can be seen on Netflix and works both for a Sunday afternoon and to cut the week off overnight; or to start Christmas seeing it.