Netflix: The Russo Brothers Will Direct The Electric State, a Movie Starring Millie Bobby Brown

Netflix: The Russo Brothers Will Direct The Electric State, a Movie Starring Millie Bobby Brown

Joe and Anthony Russo continue hand in hand with Netflix and this time they will be in charge of directing The Electric State, a science fiction film that will adapt the illustrated novel by Simon Stålenhag and will star Millie Bobby Brown.

Known for directing several films of Marvel Studios (Captain America The Winter Soldier Y Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War Y Endgame)Brothers Russian They are full with the deliveries of Netflix. We are not even talking about extraction 1 or 2, or The Gray Man, but of The Electric Statethe next science fiction movie that will hit the platform streaming.

In addition to being led by joe Y Anthony Russo, The Electric State will star the renowned Millie Bobby Brown, who rose to fame on the popular TV series Netflix Stranger Things. The upcoming film will be an adaptation of the 2018 illustrated novel by Simon Stalenhagthe writer and artist who also created Tales From the Loop (a book that he adapted amazon to a series in 2020).

Millie Bobby BrownNetflix

According to Netflix, The Electric State will be set in a retro-futuristic past, where “an orphaned teenager (Millie Bobby Brown) traverses the American West with a sweet but mysterious robot and an eccentric drifter in search of his little brother.”

Who seems to be in talks to join this next film is Chris Pratt, according to The Hollywood Reporter and other media. Since 2020 it is known that The Electric State was going to reach the screen with Bobby Brown as protagonist. However, back then she was expected to come hand in hand with Universal.

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Mario Chris Pratt

There is no set release date for the film yet, but Netflix says production will start this fall (which would be our spring). The Russian are producing through their brand AGBOtogether with the co-founder of the company, Mike Larocca. They are also added Chris Castaldi Y Patrick Newal.

On the other hand, executive producers are Angela Russo-Otstot, Jake Aust, Geoff Haley, Christopher Markus Y Stephen McFeely. These last two will also be in charge of writing the adaptation of The Electric State.

The Electric State Netflix

As we told you above, The Electric State continues the successful partnership of the brothers Russian Y AGBO with Netflix after the launch in 2020 of extraction (starring Chris Hemsworth), soon its sequel and The Gray Man (with Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans Y Anne of Arms).

By the side of Millie Bobby Brownlet us remember that the last chapters of Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 are just around the corner as they come to Netflix 1st of July.