Netflix suspends production of Will Smith

Netflix suspends production of Will Smith

One week before the Oscar ceremony, the life of Will Smith has taken an untimely turn. Not only has the actor resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, but several of their projects are in a rather complicated situation. One of these, Fast and Loose from Netflix, it seems like it’s nowhere near being cancelled.

According to a report by IndieWire, Fast and Loosefilm starring Will Smith, has completely stopped its pre-production. Although at the moment there is no official statement from Netflix, the medium has indicated that the complicated situation in which Smith finds himself is partly responsible for this inconvenience.

A couple of weeks ago the first setback occurred in this production, when David Leitch left the director’s position. However, It was Smith’s behavior that put this film on indefinite pause.. IndieWire has noted that Fast and Loose it has two paths. On the one hand, the production would be canceled in its entirety. On the other hand, the film would continue in progress, but with another director and main actor.

Netflix isn’t the only company reevaluating its relationship with Will Smith. A couple of days ago it was announced that the pre-production of bad boys 4 has also stopped, this despite the fact that Smith already had part of the script. Along with this, rumors have pointed out that emancipationan AppleTV+ movie starring this actor, is at risk of being cancelled.

The only thing that is clear is that Hollywood wants to get away from the Will Smith name right now. In related topics, here you can learn more about Smith’s resignation from the Academy. Similarly, the actor could lose his Oscar.

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Editor’s Note:

While it’s true that no one wants to be associated with Smith right now, putting an end to several of his projects sounds like a pretty far-fetched step. Yes, Hollywood has suspended several actors in the past, but this is in extreme cases. At the moment it looks like Smith just needs to hide until the storm passes.

Via: IndieWire

Netflix suspends production of Will Smith

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