The Squid Game has everything to become a battle of royale-style video game and recently the interest of Netflix on turning the series into a video game, here the details.

The Squid Game, became the most successful launch of all time and worldwide. The series has become a viral phenomenon in social networks because all kinds of massive circumstances have occurred around the series.

Since the telephone harassment that a woman suffered because your number was mistakenly included in the program; also the meteoric success of the caramel cookies shown in one chapter.

Apparently, everything related to Korean production becomes a media phenomenon; Now, fans are clamoring for a second installment and have also requested Netflix develop a video game.

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Fans of the series know what they want and a Squid Game video game makes all the sense in the world, as it is in line with the interest of Netflix to deploy an entire video game industry on its streaming platform.

Therefore, the series seems to be in the sights of the world of video games, several companies are very interested in transferring the story of Squid Game to the universe of consoles or at least to the terrain of the well-known battle royale due to its attractive content for simultaneous multiplayer.

Netflix: 'Squid Game' has everything to become a Battle of Royale video game

Tom Henderson, a well-known leaker on Twitter It disseminates reliable information on the video game industry ensuring that there are firm plans in place. Henderson posted in Twitter: “The future of Battle Royale is near”, referring to the series.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Minyoung Kim, vice president of content for Asia Pacific for Netflix, confirmed the interest of Netflix to turn Squid Game into a video game:

“We have received an overwhelming but happy volume of requests from the organization: from the consumer products department, from the gaming group and from our other international teams. The role of my team is to really analyze all those opportunities together, to create that roadmap for the Squid Game IP. We are looking at multiple different areas, from games, consumer products and beyond, to really find out what we can offer our audience to increase their affinity with our content and give them more joy, while staying true to the world our creator has built. “

The series of Netflix’s The Squid Game tells the story of the sadistic game that shows the worst and the best of human nature and the despair of many people around the world, but specifically the reality of the middle and lower class of South Korea.