Netflix says goodbye to Russia and it is the number of subscribers that the platform loses

Netflix says goodbye to Russia and it is the number of subscribers that the platform loses

Given the recent attacks against Ukraine, Netflix has decided to say goodbye to Russia, leaving at least four incomplete productions.

The actions against Russia continue to add up day by day and from different industries, showing a severe punishment for the decisions made by the country led by Vladimir Putin.

Since yesterday, the voices against the Russian military attacks have been joined by Netflix, the most important streaming platform today, which, given the recent events in the West, has decided to take action in the case.

According to information that has been filtered in other mediathe Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory is the reason why Netflix decided to pause all the projects it had in Russia, which included at least four original series.

On the other hand, let us remember that a few days ago, the Kremlin demanded that the platform be included in a mandatory manner, among which was the Piervy Kanal channel, which, by the way, works as a mouthpiece for the Russian government.

Netflix, however, refused to comply with this law, mentioning that “given the current situation, we have no plans to add those channels to our service”, according to information from The Wall Street Journal.

Now, what Netflix has done is say goodbye to its Russian services, to which, in fact, it arrived recently and where, in reality, it had just over a million subscribers that, compared to the more than 22o million it has managed to achieve, it does not represent a great loss for the platform.

With this, Netflix joins the actions taken by Walt Disney, who decided not to launch its theatrical releases in the country led by Vladimir Putin; Warner Bros is another of the companies that have cut ties with Russia and, now, The Batman will not be released in that country.

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Also, Apple announced that its products will not be sold in Russia, as part of the voices that unite against the attacks against Ukraine. This was revealed in a statement:

“Apple stands with all the people who are suffering as a result of the violence. Last week we stopped all exports to our sales channel in the country [Rusia]. Apple Pay and other services have been limited. We are supporting humanitarian efforts, providing aid for the unfolding refugee crisis, and doing everything we can to support our teams in the region,” the company said.

EA Sports recently reported that its FIFA 22 and NHL 22 sagas will erase Russian and Belarusian teams from video games, while, in this regard, the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) suspended Russia’s participation in all its competitions.

EA Sports stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and, like so many voices across the world of football, calls for peace and an end to the invasion of Ukraine.

In agreement with our FIFA and UEFA partners, EA Sports has initiated processes to remove the Russian national team and all Russian clubs from EA Sports FIFA products, including FIFA 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online. it’s a statement.

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