Netflix released the first eight minutes of the fourth season of Stranger Things, which will last five hours longer than the previous ones

Netflix released the first eight minutes of the fourth season of Stranger Things, which will last five hours longer than the previous ones

Stranger Things will not only have a strange division in its fourth season, but its duration will exceed previous seasons by five hours. Read more details here!

With five more hours than any other season, comes the great premiere of the fourth season of stranger things”, so they communicated it from Netflix. Although we knew that the last episodes were going to be long as a movie, we did not expect such a difference. The first part of the fourth season will hit the platform on May 27, with the first seven chapters, while the second, with the last two, on July 1.

As there is a week left for this long-awaited premiere, Netflix decided to share the first eight minutes of Stranger Things 4, which takes us back to 1979 and takes us to the Hawkins National Laboratory. This video revolves around the doctor Martin Brenner, laboratory manager. At first they show us what their morning routine is like and then they go to work, where we see several children playing/practicing with their powers.

Already with quite a bit of terror music, the advance shows us Brenner Already have in the typical lessons/experiments that the doctor usually does with children. As they go to the space where these lessons are given, we see the door of the room of raisewhich is closed (for the moment).

In practice between Brenner Y have, the doctor draws something for the boy to use his powers and see what it is, something he does successfully. However, the next task is for him to find a female doctor and see what he is doing. So far we’re doing fine. The doctor Ellis is also with another child, Sixwhile he tries to move a block, but everything starts to go wrong. have he sees blood and sees that they are screaming, that’s when the lab alarm starts to sound.

Basically, raise came out of his room and started killing everyone who got in his way, both kids and lab employees, since he still can’t control his powers, just like he was at the beginning of the first season (before he met Mike, Lucas Y Dustin). At the end of the video we see her angry and all bloody (her blood and that of others) and the doctor Brenner The question: “What did you do?”.

With this 8-minute video, added to what we saw in the trailers, we can already understand why several of the first reactions describe the fourth season as the scariest of all so far.

Stranger Things 4

In case you don’t remember, here’s the synopsis: “Six months have passed since the Battle of Starcourt that left the town of Hawkins in terror and destruction. As they continue to deal with the fallout, the friends are separated for the first time, and navigating the complexities of school doesn’t make things any easier. In this most vulnerable moment, a horrifying new supernatural threat emerges, presenting a gruesome mystery: if they can solve it, they could put an end to the horrors of the Other Side.”

As we said at the beginning, season four of stranger things it will last quite a while. Although we knew that we were going to have nine chapters, it had not been confirmed how many were going to arrive in the first part and how many in the second. Volume 1 will have seven (only one episode less than the entire third season), while the second part, two. Now, the amazing thing about this (besides them doing that weird split) is that the last three chapters will be over an hour long.

Brothers Duffercreators of the series, maintain that they did not originally plan for season four to be so long: “A lot of the length has to do with the fact that we had characters spread across three locations and we had a lot more plot. It must be four times the plot we had in season 3. That was our fun blockbuster season. This season we knew that Season 5 would be the last, we had to start revealing a lot of things.

The new season will bring back Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers), David Harbor (Jim Hopper), Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair), Noah Schnapp (Will Byers), Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield), Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler), Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers), Joe Keery (Steve Harrington), Maya Hawke (Robin Buckley), Priah Ferguson (Erica Sinclair), Brett Gelman (Murray), Cara Buono ( Karen Wheeler) Y Matthew Modine (Dr. Brenner).

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While, on the other hand, add: Jamie Campbell Bower (Peter Ballard), Joseph Quinn (Eddie Munson), Eduardo Franco (Argyle), Sherman Augustus (Lt. Colonel Sullivan), Mason Dye (Jason Carver), Nikola Djuricko (Yuri), Tom Wlaschiha (Dmitri), Myles Truitt (Patrick), Regina Ting Chen (Ms. Kelly), Grace Van Dien (Chrissy), Logan Riley Bruner (Fred Benson), Logan Allen (Jake), Elodie Grace Orkin (Angela), John Reynolds (Officer Callahan), Rob Morgan (Chief Powell), Amybeth McNulty (Vickie) Y Robert Englund as Victor Creel.

Stranger Things 4

stranger things is a production of Monkey Massacre Productions & 21 Laps Entertainment with the brothers Duffer as executive producers, along with shawn levy Y Dan Cohen from 21 Laps Entertainment, Iain Paterson Y Curtis Gwinn.

Let us remember that next Friday the first part of Stranger Things 4 and, luckily, five days later the final two chapters of that season will arrive, leaving us ready for the fifth and last.