Netflix is ​​losing its most loyal subscribers

Netflix is ​​losing its most loyal subscribers

in the last few months Netflix It has gotten into a lot of trouble as many of its users are leaving the platform to migrate to other streaming services. This happens in a common way for those who are not so in tune with watching series for many hours, but now it is reported that it also happens with the longest-lived subscribers.

When longevity is mentioned, they are those people who have remained subscribed to the service for more than three years, a large number of months that translate into good profits for the company. According to data compiled by the research firm Antenna13% of the 3.6 million subscribers are people who have been subscribers for a long time.

It is worth commenting that it is a trend that increases over time, given that in 2020 these casualties were reported at 5%, a number that became 10% in the 2021. So, if the corresponding operations are carried out, the number would rise to 20% in the 2023although this may change or decrease if policy changes are made.


On the other hand, one of the additional reasons for losing loyal customers is the issue of money, since the first approach of Netflix in many countries it was with a quite acceptable rate. This price has gradually grown until reaching figures that double, something that did not seem too fair to users with more subscription time.

Now that they have decided to charge an additional account sharing fee, they may very well lose customers again, since no platform on the market is doing that to their buyers. However, there may be a light at the end of it all with the implementation of ads, this will make the charging rates much cheaper.

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For now, the platform is not at the height of its success.

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