Netflix is ​​already preparing an animated series by Scott Pilgrim

Netflix is ​​already preparing an animated series by Scott Pilgrim

Beyond 2020, Edward Wright, film director of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, revealed that there was a possibility that this franchise could have its own animated series. One year later, the news has been confirmed and will be Netflix whoever is in charge of producing it. Additionally, the show will feature the return of certain executives who worked on the feature film.

That’s how it is, Netflix is already working on an animated series of Scott Pilgrim, which is being developed in conjunction with the production company CPU, which recently produced hits like The Umbrella Academy and Chucky. Bryan Lee O’Malley, creator of the original graphic novels of Scott pilgrim, will be the writer and executive producer of the project together with Ben David Grabinski.

Currently this project is still in the very early stages of its production, to the point that it has not yet received the green light. However, if authorized, Edgar Wright will return as executive producer alongside Nira Park, Marc Platt, Jared LeBoff, and Adam Seigel. The animation will be in charge of Science SARU, an anime studio, and Abel gongora will be the director.


Editor’s note: Despite not being a huge Scott Pilgrim fan, this animated project for some reason or another does catch my attention. I think there is potential for this series to become one of the best works in the franchise, and hopefully the project will receive the green light soon.

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Netflix is ​​already preparing an animated series by Scott Pilgrim

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