In recent years, streaming services have not stopped growing, offering users different content, either in the form of series and movies, as is the case with Disney Plus, or with video games, as is the case with PlayStation Now and, especially with the lauded Gamepass. However, within this last area, it seems that one more competitor could join, since there are reports that Netflix also wants part of the video game market.

According to Bloomberg, the red platform would be getting ready to make the leap to video games, pending the hiring of Mike Verdu, a former Facebook worker among other companies, to supervise the project. Likewise, these video games would be listed in the beginning in the same way that happens with the movies and series already available.

Netflix would join the world of video games without extra cost of its quota

This would be equivalent to the platform would not have an extra cost compared to what is currently charged, although the way in which these video games will arrive and if functions such as 4K will require an increase in the quota has not been detailed. Also, it seems that the launch of this expansion would be in 2022.

Regarding the sources of Bloomberg, this medium affirms that the information comes from someone involved in the projectAlthough a name was not given, we imagine that to protect your privacy and / or your job title.

All of the above said, to date ** there is no official report ** that gives the slightest hint that this may finally come to pass. Also, knowing that Mike Verdu was on Facebook, Zynga and the like, we would still have to see what kind of games would come to the platform, since we could expect AAA triples for such games to be more modest projects. Be that as it may, only time will tell whether or not we have another competitor in the video game streaming market.

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