Netflix confirms its plan with commercials

Netflix confirms its plan with commercials

The platforms of streaming They continue to register millions of users around the world, which is why several of these companies have come up with new plans to continue capturing new audiences. Netflix, the application preferred by the rest of the population, officially confirmed that it will launch its plan with commercials.

Netflix around the world registers around 222 million subscribers, and approximately reached 30,000 million dollars in 2021, about 5,000 more than in 2020, highlight Netflix stock report data.

Netflix confirms its plan with commercials

Within the framework of the Cannes festival, the CEO of Netflix, Ted Sarandos, confirmed that he is in the process of building a new plan with announcements, for which he is even in talks with potential advertising sales partners.

In a public presentation by Sarandos at the aforementioned festival, the executive advanced some details about the plan, which will be more economical and which, as mentioned, was born with the aim of recovering lost users and reaching the mass market.

“What we do first will not be representative of what the product will ultimately be. What I want is for the product to be better than television, ”said the executive in his participation.

Although the announcement ends the rumors that were said about said plan, the brand has not yet given a launch date. According to the executive, viewers of streaming They are approximately 10 percent of those who consume television, so “There is a lot of room to grow”he asserted in his presentation.

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“We are still in the early stages of the evolution of the way people watch television,” he added.

What will be the advertising model?

In that same event, Sarandos clarified to those present that the Netflix advertising model will be maintained, and that it will be totally separated from current subscriptions, so that those who pay for any of the existing plans, at no time will they be exposed to advertising.

It is worth mentioning that, in Mexico, according to the IFT, 74 percent of the consumption of streaming which is done in the subscription model, closely followed with 71 percent of the advertising model.

“People say there’s a lot of content, but it’s not just for you. We try to make content that everyone likes, ”she indicated. “You have to be relevant all over the world, globally,” she added.

Regarding prices, Netflix will add a new level of these for those users who do not mind seeing their ads.

“We have left a large segment of customers out of the game; people who want a lower price and don’t mind seeing ads,” she said.

With this confirmation, the users of the platforms streaming They will have to choose from the great variety that currently exists, remember that Disney Plus also announced an ad plan months ago with which people can pay less for the service.

So far, there is no specific launch date for this Disney Plus plan or the price it will have, although more detailed information is already being handled in this regard.

According to what is reported shared in the month of May by TheWall Street Journal, The subscription plan with Disney Plus ads will be very limited, so only four minutes of commercials are contemplated for each hour of content.

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