Nephew of Ricardo Salinas plays at being president of Mexico and shows how millionaires have fun

Nephew of Ricardo Salinas plays at being president of Mexico and shows how millionaires have fun

The nephew from Ricardo Salinaswho has become popular on social networks for the content he publishes on TikTokhas fulfilled one of the many requests made by his followers: he became President from Mexico, but playing and revealed how millionaires have fun.

The occurrence happened after in one of his videos he published what his lifestyle was like aboard a yacht, prompting comments asking him to be the next president of Mexico and he only needed a false presidential sash with which he has disguised himself. .

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After the humorous content, the nephew unleashed all kinds of empathetic comments, without remembering that it is a national symbol, that because it is the presentation of the National Flag and is the emblem of the Federal Executive Power, it can only be carried by the president of the Republic.

“It will have the colors of the National Flag in strips of equal width placed longitudinally, with the color red corresponding to the upper stripe. It will carry the National Coat of Arms over the three colors, embroidered in gold thread, at the height of the wearer’s chest, and the ends of the band will end with a golden fringe”, cites the law that regulates the use of this symbol in the country.

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The story of Memo Salinas and how it attracted attention on social networks, reminds us of the interest that attracts their audiences, as happened with the owner of Aztec TVwhen last February he was asked to be Secretary of the Economy, when the businessman criticized a series of financial facts.

“Inflation is the silent tax that hits those who have the least, and that it is so high is the fault of irresponsible governments that have unconsciously used fake money.

They say the Federal Reserve has been buying bonds, it doesn’t sound so bad when you say you buy something, but what does it sound like the Federal Reserve has been lending money, like a drunken sailor, right and left to anyone who comes along that doesn’t sound so well because when you lend money you have to collect, right? ”, He criticized at the time.

“The pattern for the Secretary of the Economy !!!!”, commented one of his followers and it is not the first content that the billionaire posts on his social networks, which provokes interactions and comments from the digital pulse.

millionaire influencers

The lifestyles of millionaire influencers unleash all kinds of conversations on social networks, but also a fan base with great affinity for the stories they publish.

In Mexico we have seen all kinds of personalities, whose interest among audiences has escalated more and more due to their lifestyles, such as Arturo Elijah Ayubson-in-law of Carlos Slim or personalities of value that communication has reached in the market and that makes interaction with audiences essential, since this exercise defines an important activity in areas such as entrepreneurship, business motivation and skills such as negotiation .

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